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Weymouth, Norfolk Co., Massachusetts



Matches 1 to 91 of 91

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Allen, Silence  5 Sep 1757Weymouth, Norfolk Co., Massachusetts I16307
2 Bates, Susannah  Abt 1639Weymouth, Norfolk Co., Massachusetts I06917
3 Blanchard, Abigail  31 Oct 1711Weymouth, Norfolk Co., Massachusetts I07465
4 Blanchard, Aletheia  13 Jun 1738Weymouth, Norfolk Co., Massachusetts I09864
5 Blanchard, Anna  24 Dec 1762Weymouth, Norfolk Co., Massachusetts I09751
6 Blanchard, Caty  4 Oct 1773Weymouth, Norfolk Co., Massachusetts I09760
7 Blanchard, Deane  8 Jun 1770Weymouth, Norfolk Co., Massachusetts I09758
8 Blanchard, Edward  7 Jun 1668Weymouth, Norfolk Co., Massachusetts I07445
9 Blanchard, Eleanore  16 Jan 1734Weymouth, Norfolk Co., Massachusetts I09862
10 Blanchard, Hannah  29 Nov 1729Weymouth, Norfolk Co., Massachusetts I09860
11 Blanchard, Huldah  12 May 1736Weymouth, Norfolk Co., Massachusetts I09863
12 Blanchard, Jesse  27 Sep 1767Weymouth, Norfolk Co., Massachusetts I09756
13 Blanchard, John  27 Mar 1660Weymouth, Norfolk Co., Massachusetts I06914
14 Blanchard, John  14 Oct 1691Weymouth, Norfolk Co., Massachusetts I07453
15 Blanchard, Jonathan  19 May 1701Weymouth, Norfolk Co., Massachusetts I07898
16 Blanchard, Jonathan  2 Jun 1704Weymouth, Norfolk Co., Massachusetts I07463
17 Blanchard, Joseph  9 Aug 1740Weymouth, Norfolk Co., Massachusetts I06822
18 Blanchard, Mary  1 Dec 1662Weymouth, Norfolk Co., Massachusetts I07443
19 Blanchard, Mary  1 Aug 1689Weymouth, Norfolk Co., Massachusetts I07452
20 Blanchard, Mercy  14 Apr 1674Weymouth, Norfolk Co., Massachusetts I07446
21 Blanchard, Nathaniel  25 Sep 1665Weymouth, Norfolk Co., Massachusetts I07444
22 Blanchard, Nathaniel  19 May 1701Weymouth, Norfolk Co., Massachusetts I06826
23 Blanchard, Nathaniel  25 Jun 1727Weymouth, Norfolk Co., Massachusetts I09859
24 Blanchard, Nicholas  Abt 1693Weymouth, Norfolk Co., Massachusetts I07449
25 Blanchard, Ozias  31 Jul 1742Weymouth, Norfolk Co., Massachusetts I07460
26 Blanchard, Perez  19 Sep 1697Weymouth, Norfolk Co., Massachusetts I07459
27 Blanchard, Samuel  19 Sep 1697Weymouth, Norfolk Co., Massachusetts I07457
28 Blanchard, Sarah  19 Aug 1686Weymouth, Norfolk Co., Massachusetts I07450
29 Blanchard, Sarah  27 Oct 1731Weymouth, Norfolk Co., Massachusetts I09861
30 Blanchard, Susanna  12 Aug 1671Weymouth, Norfolk Co., Massachusetts I09857
31 Blanchard, Thomas  Oct 1698Weymouth, Norfolk Co., Massachusetts I07455
32 Blanchard, Thomas  4 Aug 1720Weymouth, Norfolk Co., Massachusetts I09750
33 Blanchard, Thomas  27 Apr 1764Weymouth, Norfolk Co., Massachusetts I09754
34 Bolter, Sarah  Weymouth, Norfolk Co., Massachusetts I06921
35 Clapp, Thomas  15 Mar 1638/39Weymouth, Norfolk Co., Massachusetts I02479
36 King, Samuel  1640Weymouth, Norfolk Co., Massachusetts I07801
37 Osborne, Mary  1646Weymouth, Norfolk Co., Massachusetts I01432
38 Phillips, Abigail  20 Feb 1661/62Weymouth, Norfolk Co., Massachusetts I06915
39 Phillips, Alice  Abt 1632Weymouth, Norfolk Co., Massachusetts I10079
40 Phillips, Alice  Abt 1632Weymouth, Norfolk Co., Massachusetts I10089
41 Phillips, Benjamin  1653Weymouth, Norfolk Co., Massachusetts I07809
42 Phillips, Caleb  22 Jan 1643/44Weymouth, Norfolk Co., Massachusetts I07807
43 Phillips, Experience  8 May 1641Weymouth, Norfolk Co., Massachusetts I07800
44 Phillips, Hannah  25 Nov 1654Weymouth, Norfolk Co., Massachusetts I07811
45 Phillips, Joshua  1647Weymouth, Norfolk Co., Massachusetts I07808
46 Pratt, Mary  1667Weymouth, Norfolk Co., Massachusetts I16753
47 Shaw, Abigail  15 Jul 1672Weymouth, Norfolk Co., Massachusetts I10096
48 Shaw, Abigail  17 Jul 1695Weymouth, Norfolk Co., Massachusetts I10042
49 Shaw, Abraham  10 Oct 1657Weymouth, Norfolk Co., Massachusetts I10085
50 Shaw, Alice  6 Jul 1666Weymouth, Norfolk Co., Massachusetts I06927
51 Shaw, Benjamin  16 Jun 1670Weymouth, Norfolk Co., Massachusetts I10095
52 Shaw, Ebenezer  24 Apr 1674Weymouth, Norfolk Co., Massachusetts I10098
53 Shaw, Elizabeth  26 Feb 1655/56Weymouth, Norfolk Co., Massachusetts I10083
54 Shaw, Elizabeth  26 Sep 1687Weymouth, Norfolk Co., Massachusetts I10040
55 Shaw, Hannah  7 Apr 1668Weymouth, Norfolk Co., Massachusetts I10093
56 Shaw, Hannah  18 Oct 1708Weymouth, Norfolk Co., Massachusetts I06827
57 Shaw, John  Abt 1653Weymouth, Norfolk Co., Massachusetts I10080
58 Shaw, Joseph  15 Apr 1664Weymouth, Norfolk Co., Massachusetts I06922
59 Shaw, Joseph  11 Jan 1690/91Weymouth, Norfolk Co., Massachusetts I06920
60 Shaw, Judith  4 May 1693Weymouth, Norfolk Co., Massachusetts I10041
61 Shaw, Mary  24 Mar 1659/60Weymouth, Norfolk Co., Massachusetts I10086
62 Shaw, Nicholas  23 Mar 1661/62Weymouth, Norfolk Co., Massachusetts I10061
63 Smith, Joseph  Abt 1635Weymouth, Norfolk Co., Massachusetts I1828
64 Smith, Joseph  Abt 1635Weymouth, Norfolk Co., Massachusetts I06527
65 Titus, Abiel  17 Mar 1640/41Weymouth, Norfolk Co., Massachusetts I4040
66 Titus, Abiel  17 Mar 1641Weymouth, Norfolk Co., Massachusetts I18172
67 Titus, Abiel  17 Mar 1640/41Weymouth, Norfolk Co., Massachusetts I585
68 Titus, Abiel  17 Mar 1640/41Weymouth, Norfolk Co., Massachusetts I4272
69 Titus, Abiel  17 Mar 1640/41Weymouth, Norfolk Co., Massachusetts I03401
70 Titus, Abiel  17 Mar 1641Weymouth, Norfolk Co., Massachusetts I06519
71 Vining, Ann  4 Jul 1704Weymouth, Norfolk Co., Massachusetts I12462
72 Vining, Benjamin  Weymouth, Norfolk Co., Massachusetts I12476
73 Vining, George  Weymouth, Norfolk Co., Massachusetts I12473
74 Vining, Hannah  Weymouth, Norfolk Co., Massachusetts I12477
75 Vining, Jane  Weymouth, Norfolk Co., Massachusetts I12468
76 Vining, John  Weymouth, Norfolk Co., Massachusetts I12464
77 Vining, Margaret  Weymouth, Norfolk Co., Massachusetts I12470
78 Vining, Mary  Weymouth, Norfolk Co., Massachusetts I12467
79 Vining, Samuel  2 Feb 1669/70Weymouth, Norfolk Co., Massachusetts I12455
80 Vining, Samuel  25 Oct 1701Weymouth, Norfolk Co., Massachusetts I10304
81 Vining, Sarah  Weymouth, Norfolk Co., Massachusetts I12471
82 Vining, Sarah  4 Jul 1704Weymouth, Norfolk Co., Massachusetts I12461
83 Vining, Thomas  Weymouth, Norfolk Co., Massachusetts I12466
84 Whitman, John  5 Sep 1658Weymouth, Norfolk Co., Massachusetts I16740
85 Whitmarsh, Ezra  13 Oct 1670Weymouth, Norfolk Co., Massachusetts I10064
86 Whitmarsh, John  23 Aug 1655Weymouth, Norfolk Co., Massachusetts I10055
87 Whitmarsh, Judith  2 Sep 1669Weymouth, Norfolk Co., Massachusetts I06923
88 Whitmarsh, Mary  14 Aug 1663Weymouth, Norfolk Co., Massachusetts I10058
89 Whitmarsh, Simon  Abt 1640Weymouth, Norfolk Co., Massachusetts I10075
90 Whitmarsh, Simon  11 Mar 1660/61Weymouth, Norfolk Co., Massachusetts I10057
91 Whitmarsh, Zachariah  1 Sep 1667Weymouth, Norfolk Co., Massachusetts I10063


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Blanchard, Nicholas  13 May 1706Weymouth, Norfolk Co., Massachusetts I07449


Matches 1 to 46 of 46

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Blanchard, Edward  1738Weymouth, Norfolk Co., Massachusetts I07445
2 Blanchard, John  15 May 1752Weymouth, Norfolk Co., Massachusetts I07453
3 Blanchard, John  10 Mar 1773Weymouth, Norfolk Co., Massachusetts I06914
4 Blanchard, Jonathan  Bef 1704Weymouth, Norfolk Co., Massachusetts I07898
5 Blanchard, Mary  1744Weymouth, Norfolk Co., Massachusetts I07452
6 Blanchard, Nathaniel  27 Aug 1676Weymouth, Norfolk Co., Massachusetts I06916
7 Blanchard, Nicholas  19 Jan 1723Weymouth, Norfolk Co., Massachusetts I07449
8 Blanchard, Sarah  21 Apr 1701Weymouth, Norfolk Co., Massachusetts I07450
9 Blanchard, Thomas  12 Sep 1760Weymouth, Norfolk Co., Massachusetts I07455
10 Blanchard, Thomas  14 Nov 1803Weymouth, Norfolk Co., Massachusetts I09750
11 Dean, Mary  UNKNOWNWeymouth, Norfolk Co., Massachusetts I06829
12 Fevard, Marie  Abt 1635Weymouth, Norfolk Co., Massachusetts I1282
13 Fevard, Marie  Abt 1635Weymouth, Norfolk Co., Massachusetts I2434
14 Fevard, Marie  Abt 1635Weymouth, Norfolk Co., Massachusetts I17890
15 Fevard, Marie  Abt 1635Weymouth, Norfolk Co., Massachusetts I10437
16 Fevard, Marie  Abt 1635Weymouth, Norfolk Co., Massachusetts I32178
17 Gross, Elizabeth  UNKNOWNWeymouth, Norfolk Co., Massachusetts I07454
18 Harding, Sarah  Bef 15 Dec 1709Weymouth, Norfolk Co., Massachusetts I10039
19 Holbrook, John  1644Weymouth, Norfolk Co., Massachusetts I0417
20 Jewson, Elizabeth  Abt 1649Weymouth, Norfolk Co., Massachusetts I06919
21 Loring, Sarah  14 Nov 1643Weymouth, Norfolk Co., Massachusetts I0418
22 Phillips, Abigail  19 Sep 1724Weymouth, Norfolk Co., Massachusetts I06915
23 Phillips, Alice  UNKNOWNWeymouth, Norfolk Co., Massachusetts I10079
24 Phillips, Alice  Aft 1704Weymouth, Norfolk Co., Massachusetts I10089
25 Phillips, Experience  17 Jan 1718Weymouth, Norfolk Co., Massachusetts I07800
26 Phillips, Joshua  2 May 1679Weymouth, Norfolk Co., Massachusetts I07808
27 Phillips, Richard  17 Oct 1695Weymouth, Norfolk Co., Massachusetts I07805
28 Pratt, Asa  12 Jan 1831Weymouth, Norfolk Co., Massachusetts I03954
29 Reed, Ruth  17 Aug 1662Weymouth, Norfolk Co., Massachusetts I16716
30 Shaw, Abraham  Bef 11 Mar 1706Weymouth, Norfolk Co., Massachusetts I10085
31 Shaw, John  UNKNOWNWeymouth, Norfolk Co., Massachusetts I10049
32 Shaw, John  16 Sep 1704Weymouth, Norfolk Co., Massachusetts I07804
33 Shaw, John  16 Sep 1704Weymouth, Norfolk Co., Massachusetts I10078
34 Shaw, John  16 Sep 1704Weymouth, Norfolk Co., Massachusetts I10088
35 Shaw, John  2 Mar 1718Weymouth, Norfolk Co., Massachusetts I10080
36 Shaw, Joseph  Bef 11 Dec 1744Weymouth, Norfolk Co., Massachusetts I06920
37 Slack, William  26 Apr 1727Weymouth, Norfolk Co., Massachusetts I06302
38 White, Ebenezer  24 Aug 1703Weymouth, Norfolk Co., Massachusetts I07812
39 Whitman, Elizabeth  Aft 12 Sep 1672Weymouth, Norfolk Co., Massachusetts I16710
40 Whitman, John  13 Nov 1692Weymouth, Norfolk Co., Massachusetts I16715
41 Whitman, John  1 Feb 1713Weymouth, Norfolk Co., Massachusetts I16718
42 Whitman, John  Sep 1751Weymouth, Norfolk Co., Massachusetts I16731
43 Whitmarsh, Ezra  1 Aug 1754Weymouth, Norfolk Co., Massachusetts I10064
44 Whitmarsh, John  1644Weymouth, Norfolk Co., Massachusetts I10053
45 Whitmarsh, John  Bef 15 Dec 1709Weymouth, Norfolk Co., Massachusetts I10038
46 Whitmarsh, Mrs. Alice  Bef 1644Weymouth, Norfolk Co., Massachusetts I10054


Matches 1 to 6 of 6

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Andrews / Shaw  Abt 1683Weymouth, Norfolk Co., Massachusetts F03394
2 French / Whitman  19 Sep 1660Weymouth, Norfolk Co., Massachusetts F07658
3 Green / Whitman  May 1657Weymouth, Norfolk Co., Massachusetts F07657
4 Pratt / Whitman  22 Nov 1658Weymouth, Norfolk Co., Massachusetts F07656
5 Whitman / Byram  22 Nov 1656Weymouth, Norfolk Co., Massachusetts F07653
6 Whitman / Pratt  13 Aug 1700Weymouth, Norfolk Co., Massachusetts F07660

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