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Southold, Suffolk, New York



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Abigail  1772Southold, Suffolk, New York I1824
2 Bailey, Benjamin  8 Aug 1726Southold, Suffolk, New York I2777
3 Bailey, Mary  25 Dec 1733Southold, Suffolk, New York I2736
4 Bailey, Stephen  Abt 1650Southold, Suffolk, New York I2758
5 Bailey, Suzanna  12 Nov 1724Southold, Suffolk, New York I2775
6 Bennett, Albert  Abt 1844Southold, Suffolk, New York I1446
7 Bennett, Alfred A.  1817Southold, Suffolk, New York I1445
8 Bennett, Jeannette  Jul 1815Southold, Suffolk, New York I1410
9 Bennett, Samuel  Abt 1855Southold, Suffolk, New York I1490
10 Bennett, Susan  Abt 1846Southold, Suffolk, New York I1447
11 Billard, Esther  Abt 1784Southold, Suffolk, New York I1265
12 Booth, Barnabas H.  3 Mar 1812Southold, Suffolk, New York I1395
13 Booth, Hannah  6 Mar 1794Southold, Suffolk, New York I1204
14 Booth, James Wheelock  Abt 1742Southold, Suffolk, New York I2393
15 Booth, Mary  27 Aug 1703Southold, Suffolk, New York I2706
16 Bradley, Hannah  1732Southold, Suffolk, New York I2733
17 Bradley, James  Abt 1705Southold, Suffolk, New York I2729
18 Bradley, Jonathan  Aft 1700Southold, Suffolk, New York I2704
19 Bradley, Mary  Southold, Suffolk, New York I1985
20 Brown, Charles L.  Abt 1832Southold, Suffolk, New York I1493
21 Brown, David N.  Abt 1840Southold, Suffolk, New York I1498
22 Brown, Experience  Abt 1760Southold, Suffolk, New York I1834
23 Brown, Gilbert A.  Abt 1843Southold, Suffolk, New York I1499
24 Brown, Hannah  Abt 1655Southold, Suffolk, New York I00819
25 Brown, Hannah E.  Abt 1846Southold, Suffolk, New York I1500
26 Brown, James Lewis  Abt 1834Southold, Suffolk, New York I1494
27 Brown, Jonathan H.  Abt 1837Southold, Suffolk, New York I1497
28 Brown, Lydia C.  Abt 1830Southold, Suffolk, New York I1492
29 Brown, Richard  1629Southold, Suffolk, New York I1911
30 Brown, Richard  1629Southold, Suffolk, New York I00812
31 Cady, Harriet R.  Abt 1847Southold, Suffolk, New York I1408
32 Cantermen, Esther  Abt 1848Southold, Suffolk, New York I1271
33 Cantermen, Susan  Abt 1846Southold, Suffolk, New York I1270
34 Cleveland, Abigail  17 Mar 1727/28Southold, Suffolk, New York I0707
35 Cleveland, Anna  23 Dec 1717Southold, Suffolk, New York I0704
36 Cleveland, Benjaim Norton  10 Jun 1736Southold, Suffolk, New York I0708
37 Cleveland, Dr William Henry  9 Jan 1797Southold, Suffolk, New York I01727
38 Cleveland, Dr William Henry  9 Jan 1797Southold, Suffolk, New York I16551
39 Cleveland, Dr William Henry  9 Jan 1797Southold, Suffolk, New York I14854
40 Cleveland, Dr William Henry  9 Jan 1797Southold, Suffolk, New York I01582
41 Cleveland, Dr William Henry  9 Jan 1797Southold, Suffolk, New York I02575
42 Cleveland, Dr William Henry  9 Jan 1797Southold, Suffolk, New York I01983
43 Cleveland, Dr William Henry  9 Jan 1797Southold, Suffolk, New York I02122
44 Cleveland, Ichabod  19 Feb 1737/38Southold, Suffolk, New York I0709
45 Cleveland, Joseph  27 Jun 1728Southold, Suffolk, New York I0706
46 Cleveland, Mary  22 Jun 1731Southold, Suffolk, New York I0650
47 Cleveland, Mary  22 Jun 1731Southold, Suffolk, New York I0645
48 Cleveland, Mehitable  26 Nov 1724Southold, Suffolk, New York I0705
49 Cleveland, William Henry  9 Jan 1797Southold, Suffolk, New York I0127
50 Cleveland, William Henry  9 Jan 1797Southold, Suffolk, New York I02594
51 Coon, Thomas  Abt 1793Southold, Suffolk, New York I1819
52 Curtis, Katherine  Abt 1614Southold, Suffolk, New York I1112
53 Davis, Benjamin  1700Southold, Suffolk, New York I2684
54 Davis, Benjamin  3 Apr 1771Southold, Suffolk, New York I2498
55 Davis, Gilbert Benjamin  26 Mar 1774Southold, Suffolk, New York I2496
56 Davis, James  28 May 1726Southold, Suffolk, New York I1882
57 Davis, James  27 Jul 1761Southold, Suffolk, New York I2689
58 Davis, James Jr.  25 Mar 1765Southold, Suffolk, New York I2490
59 Davis, Mary  16 Jun 1763Southold, Suffolk, New York I2497
60 Davis, Mary  21 Sep 1769Southold, Suffolk, New York I2500
61 Davis, Phoebe  15 Apr 1767Southold, Suffolk, New York I2501
62 Drake, Jane Miranda  Abt 1810Southold, Suffolk, New York I1223
63 Gardiner, Arabella P.  Jan 1836Southold, Suffolk, New York I1466
64 Gardiner, Cassandra  Abt 1840Southold, Suffolk, New York I1504
65 Gardiner, David  1662Southold, Suffolk, New York I00916
66 Gardiner, John  Abt 1800Southold, Suffolk, New York I1441
67 Gardiner, William H.  Abt 1838Southold, Suffolk, New York I1502
68 Goldsmith, Mary  Abt 1727Southold, Suffolk, New York I2275
69 Griffing, Jasper  7 Mar 1721/22Southold, Suffolk, New York I02297
70 Griffing, John  Abt 1717Southold, Suffolk, New York I02329
71 Griffing, Lydia  Abt 1709Southold, Suffolk, New York I02325
72 Griffing, Robert  Abt 1685Southold, Suffolk, New York I02322
73 Griffing, Robert  Abt 1720Southold, Suffolk, New York I02330
74 Griffing, Samuel  25 Sep 1710Southold, Suffolk, New York I02326
75 Griffing, William  Abt 1715Southold, Suffolk, New York I02328
76 Haines, Christiana Emmeline  Abt 1806Southold, Suffolk, New York I1243
77 Hallock, Zebulon  Abt 1694Southold, Suffolk, New York I0731
78 Hallock, Zebulon  Abt 1694Southold, Suffolk, New York I4906
79 Hops, Elizabeth  Abt 1735Southold, Suffolk, New York I2353
80 Horton, Abigail  Abt 1785Southold, Suffolk, New York I1951
81 Horton, Capt. Jonathan  23 Feb 1647/48Southold, Suffolk, New York I1217
82 Horton, Capt. Jonathan  23 Feb 1648Southold, Suffolk, New York I0683
83 Horton, E. Willis  20 Jan 1854Southold, Suffolk, New York I1461
84 Horton, Jonathan  23 Feb 1647/48Southold, Suffolk, New York I1134
85 Horton, Jonathan Goldsmith  May 1789Southold, Suffolk, New York I1491
86 Horton, Mary  1622Southold, Suffolk, New York I2005
87 Horton, Mehitable  17 Feb 1679Southold, Suffolk, New York I2710
88 James Ii, James  1648Southold, Suffolk, New York I01995
89 Mapes, Abigaill  13 Jan 1659Southold, Suffolk, New York I00196
90 Mapes, Jacob Or Jabez  1664Southold, Suffolk, New York I00199
91 Moore, Abigail  Abt 1685Southold, Suffolk, New York I0668
92 Moore, Anne  Southold, Suffolk, New York I0454
93 Moore, Anne  Southold, Suffolk, New York I01347
94 Overton, Abigail  Abt 1723Southold, Suffolk, New York I2350
95 Overton, Abigail  Abt 1784Southold, Suffolk, New York I1377
96 Overton, Adelia  17 Mar 1782Southold, Suffolk, New York I2302
97 Overton, Alathea  12 Apr 1746Southold, Suffolk, New York I2392
98 Overton, Alathea  1755Southold, Suffolk, New York I2305
99 Overton, Alathea  6 Jun 1800Southold, Suffolk, New York I1937
100 Overton, Alexander H.  Abt 1833Southold, Suffolk, New York I1232

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Billard, David  7 Jun 1772Southold, Suffolk, New York I1432
2 Billard, Esther  11 Jun 1786Southold, Suffolk, New York I1265
3 Billard, Hannah  7 Sep 1783Southold, Suffolk, New York I1425
4 Billard, Joshua  5 Apr 1767Southold, Suffolk, New York I1430
5 Billard, Philemon  10 Sep 1775Southold, Suffolk, New York I1433
6 Billard, Samuel  27 May 1766Southold, Suffolk, New York I1428
7 Billard, Youngs  1 Jan 1769Southold, Suffolk, New York I1431
8 Booth, Abigail  14 Dec 1783Southold, Suffolk, New York I2398
9 Booth, Alathea  5 Oct 1766Southold, Suffolk, New York I2394
10 Booth, Ezekial  15 Oct 1775Southold, Suffolk, New York I2397
11 Booth, James Wheelock  2 Jul 1769Southold, Suffolk, New York I2395
12 Booth, John  2 Feb 1772Southold, Suffolk, New York I2396
13 Booth, Joshua Hobart  28 Nov 1773Southold, Suffolk, New York I2404
14 Bradley, Christopher  26 Sep 1754Southold, Suffolk, New York I2741
15 Davis, Benjamin  14 Apr 1771Southold, Suffolk, New York I2498
16 Davis, Gilbert Benjamin  1 May 1774Southold, Suffolk, New York I2496
17 Davis, James Jr.  23 Jun 1765Southold, Suffolk, New York I2490
18 Davis, Mary  14 Apr 1765Southold, Suffolk, New York I2497
19 Davis, Mary  1 Oct 1769Southold, Suffolk, New York I2500
20 Davis, Phoebe  31 May 1767Southold, Suffolk, New York I2501
21 Drake, Jane Miranda  22 Dec 1818Southold, Suffolk, New York I1223
22 Haines, Christiana Emmeline  28 Apr 1806Southold, Suffolk, New York I1243
23 Horton, Capt. Jonathan  Southold, Suffolk, New York I1217
24 Horton, Capt. Jonathan  Southold, Suffolk, New York I0683
25 Horton, Mary  Southold, Suffolk, New York I2005
26 Horton, Mercy  Southold, Suffolk, New York I00562
27 Mapes, Abigaill  1659Southold, Suffolk, New York I00196
28 Mapes, Jacob Or Jabez  1664Southold, Suffolk, New York I00199
29 Mapes, Jonathan  20 Jun 1670Southold, Suffolk, New York I00186
30 Mapes, Mary  1662Southold, Suffolk, New York I00198
31 Mapes, Sarah  1660Southold, Suffolk, New York I00197
32 Mapes, Thomas  1651Southold, Suffolk, New York I00194
33 Mapes, William  1655Southold, Suffolk, New York I00195
34 Overton, Abigail  13 Jul 1755Southold, Suffolk, New York I2292
35 Overton, Abigail  18 Apr 1784Southold, Suffolk, New York I1377
36 Overton, Arminda  24 Sep 1797Southold, Suffolk, New York I1248
37 Overton, Benjamin  25 Feb 1753Southold, Suffolk, New York I2291
38 Overton, Benjamin  5 May 1768Southold, Suffolk, New York I2035
39 Overton, Bethia Horton  10 Jan 1812Southold, Suffolk, New York I1250
40 Overton, Bethia Wells  7 Mar 1801Southold, Suffolk, New York I1249
41 Overton, Charity  27 Jun 1773Southold, Suffolk, New York I2387
42 Overton, Daniel  1 Feb 1767Southold, Suffolk, New York I2028
43 Overton, Daniel  18 Oct 1772Southold, Suffolk, New York I2361
44 Overton, Daniel  6 Jul 1783Southold, Suffolk, New York I2283
45 Overton, daughter  27 May 1753Southold, Suffolk, New York I2289
46 Overton, Eleazer  4 Oct 1767Southold, Suffolk, New York I2312
47 Overton, Elijah  12 Dec 1784Southold, Suffolk, New York I2300
48 Overton, Eunice  25 Aug 1765Southold, Suffolk, New York I2372
49 Overton, Ezra  29 Jan 1775Southold, Suffolk, New York I2295
50 Overton, Hallam  12 Dec 1784Southold, Suffolk, New York I2054
51 Overton, Henry D.  1783Southold, Suffolk, New York I2082
52 Overton, Isaac Burnett  3 Oct 1773Southold, Suffolk, New York I2374
53 Overton, James  18 Nov 1750Southold, Suffolk, New York I2290
54 Overton, James  16 Nov 1775Southold, Suffolk, New York I2297
55 Overton, James  4 Jun 1786Southold, Suffolk, New York I2284
56 Overton, John  8 Sep 1765Southold, Suffolk, New York I2355
57 Overton, Jonathan  27 Mar 1774Southold, Suffolk, New York I2320
58 Overton, Jonathan Seth  10 Jan 1812Southold, Suffolk, New York I1251
59 Overton, Joseph  5 May 1771Southold, Suffolk, New York I2385
60 Overton, Joseph  14 Mar 1801Southold, Suffolk, New York I2456
61 Overton, Joseph Brainard  1 Jun 1783Southold, Suffolk, New York I2299
62 Overton, Joshua  1 Jul 1764Southold, Suffolk, New York I2317
63 Overton, Joshua  23 Jun 1776Southold, Suffolk, New York I2388
64 Overton, Joshua Alanson  16 Aug 1811Southold, Suffolk, New York I1241
65 Overton, Joshua Wells  24 Sep 1797Southold, Suffolk, New York I1246
66 Overton, Justus  30 Jun 1782Southold, Suffolk, New York I2405
67 Overton, Laura Ann  16 Aug 1811Southold, Suffolk, New York I1242
68 Overton, Lucille  9 Aug 1801Southold, Suffolk, New York I2286
69 Overton, Lucretia  22 Jul 1770Southold, Suffolk, New York I2360
70 Overton, Luther  7 May 1786Southold, Suffolk, New York I2301
71 Overton, Mary  21 Aug 1763Southold, Suffolk, New York I2354
72 Overton, Mary Goldsmith  2 Sep 1798Southold, Suffolk, New York I2285
73 Overton, Mehitable  12 Dec 1784Southold, Suffolk, New York I2065
74 Overton, Meltiah  13 Aug 1775Southold, Suffolk, New York I0189
75 Overton, Moses  25 Aug 1754Southold, Suffolk, New York I2273
76 Overton, Naomi  15 Dec 1765Southold, Suffolk, New York I2314
77 Overton, Nathaniel  6 Jul 1783Southold, Suffolk, New York I2281
78 Overton, Nathaniel Coleman  1 Aug 1773Southold, Suffolk, New York I2045
79 Overton, Oliver  14 Mar 1801Southold, Suffolk, New York I2457
80 Overton, Patience  6 Nov 1763Southold, Suffolk, New York I2371
81 Overton, Phoebe  6 Nov 1763Southold, Suffolk, New York I2370
82 Overton, Ruth  6 Aug 1769Southold, Suffolk, New York I2479
83 Overton, Sarah  25 Aug 1754Southold, Suffolk, New York I2274
84 Overton, Silvanus  1 Jun 1783Southold, Suffolk, New York I2073
85 Overton, Susannah  26 Apr 1767Southold, Suffolk, New York I2373
86 Overton, William  5 Jul 1767Southold, Suffolk, New York I2359
87 Overton, William Harvey  21 Mar 1817Southold, Suffolk, New York I1308


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Marie  14 Jan 1659Southold, Suffolk, New York I0686
2 Mary  15 Feb 1706/07Southold, Suffolk, New York I02326
3 Bailey, Benjamin  10 Nov 1770Southold, Suffolk, New York I2738
4 Bailey, Stephen  23 Apr 1715Southold, Suffolk, New York I2758
5 Bailey, Suzanna  Abt 1812Southold, Suffolk, New York I2775
6 Bennett, Alfred A.  19 Dec 1895Southold, Suffolk, New York I1445
7 Bennett, Jeannette  6 Aug 1901Southold, Suffolk, New York I1410
8 Billard, Esther  28 May 1848Southold, Suffolk, New York I1265
9 Billard, Jemima  6 Jan 1826Southold, Suffolk, New York I1424
10 Billard, Joshua  17 Sep 1803Southold, Suffolk, New York I1421
11 Booth, Barnabas H.  27 Nov 1900Southold, Suffolk, New York I1395
12 Booth, Hannah  29 Mar 1879Southold, Suffolk, New York I1204
13 Booth, James Wheelock  6 Dec 1824Southold, Suffolk, New York I2393
14 Booth, Joshua Hobart  23 Jun 1828Southold, Suffolk, New York I2404
15 Booth, Mary  23 Apr 1738Southold, Suffolk, New York I2706
16 Bradley, Christopher  Abt 1704Southold, Suffolk, New York I2709
17 Bradley, Hannah  1811Southold, Suffolk, New York I2733
18 Bradley, James  6 Feb 1725Southold, Suffolk, New York I2729
19 Bradley, Jonathan  18 Nov 1739Southold, Suffolk, New York I2704
20 Bradley, Peter Christopher  Bef 11 Nov 1761Southold, Suffolk, New York I2730
21 Bradley, William  22 Apr 1728Southold, Suffolk, New York I2735
22 Brown, Hannah  26 Jan 1699Southold, Suffolk, New York I00819
23 Brown, Richard  11 Feb 1685/86Southold, Suffolk, New York I1911
24 Brown, Richard  11 Feb 1686Southold, Suffolk, New York I00812
25 Brown, Richard  11 Jul 1701Southold, Suffolk, New York I1942
26 Brown, Richard  11 Jul 1701Southold, Suffolk, New York I00947
27 Brown, Susanna  4 Jun 1824Southold, Suffolk, New York I2375
28 Burnett, Phoebe  19 Jun 1783Southold, Suffolk, New York I2369
29 Burton, Bridget Elizabeth  Abt 1653Southold, Suffolk, New York I6147
30 Cady, Francis N.  3 Aug 1862Southold, Suffolk, New York I1389
31 Cady, Harriet R.  16 Jun 1849Southold, Suffolk, New York I1408
32 Cantermen, John T.  9 Dec 1877Southold, Suffolk, New York I1331
33 Cantermen, Philip H.  22 Nov 1897Southold, Suffolk, New York I1268
34 Christophers, Mary  4 Jul 1724Southold, Suffolk, New York I2716
35 Cleveland, Abigail  Southold, Suffolk, New York I0707
36 Cleveland, Ichabod  7 Oct 1818Southold, Suffolk, New York I0709
37 Cleveland, Joseph  13 Nov 1793Southold, Suffolk, New York I0706
38 Coleman, Keziah  11 Sep 1816Southold, Suffolk, New York I0421
39 Conklin, Jacob  Abt 1707Southold, Suffolk, New York I4099
40 Conklin, Jacob  Abt 1707Southold, Suffolk, New York I55078
41 Conklin, Joseph  23 Nov 1698Southold, Suffolk, New York I14658
42 Conklin, Joseph  23 Nov 1698Southold, Suffolk, New York I02294
43 Conklin, Mary  5 May 1785Southold, Suffolk, New York I2740
44 Conklin, Susannah  1 Nov 1769Southold, Suffolk, New York I2739
45 Coon, Nancy  21 Aug 1880Southold, Suffolk, New York I2102
46 Coon, Thomas  11 Feb 1803Southold, Suffolk, New York I1260
47 Davis, Gilbert Benjamin  23 Aug 1803Southold, Suffolk, New York I2496
48 Davis, James  23 Aug 1762Southold, Suffolk, New York I2689
49 Davis, Mary  16 Jul 1768Southold, Suffolk, New York I2497
50 Drake, Jane Miranda  2 Feb 1891Southold, Suffolk, New York I1223
51 Drake, Richard  30 Nov 1837Southold, Suffolk, New York I2319
52 Field, Preserved  14 Aug 1816Southold, Suffolk, New York I2316
53 Gardiner, David  2 Dec 1732Southold, Suffolk, New York I00916
54 Glover, Betsey C.  2 Dec 1869Southold, Suffolk, New York I1201
55 Goldsmith, Agnes N.  27 Nov 1882Southold, Suffolk, New York I1215
56 Goldsmith, Herman  29 Jul 1825Southold, Suffolk, New York I2458
57 Goldsmith, Mary  3 Apr 1790Southold, Suffolk, New York I2275
58 Gooch, John  Abt 1583Southold, Suffolk, New York I250
59 Gordon, Louisa  15 Dec 1897Southold, Suffolk, New York I1245
60 Griffin, Philena A.  1 May 1865Southold, Suffolk, New York I1237
61 Griffing, Robert  28 Mar 1729Southold, Suffolk, New York I02322
62 Haines, Christiana Emmeline  3 Sep 1838Southold, Suffolk, New York I1243
63 Hallock, William  19 Jun 1736Southold, Suffolk, New York I0640
64 Hallock, William  19 Jun 1736Southold, Suffolk, New York I1667
65 Hallock, William  19 Jun 1736Southold, Suffolk, New York I0732
66 Hallock, William  19 Jun 1736Southold, Suffolk, New York I4907
67 Hallock, William  19 Jun 1736Southold, Suffolk, New York I25862
68 Hayne, Dorothy  Aft 1684Southold, Suffolk, New York I1914
69 Hayne, Dorothy  Aft 1684Southold, Suffolk, New York I00815
70 Hobart, Irene  6 Oct 1753Southold, Suffolk, New York I2108
71 Hobart, Joshua  28 Feb 1717Southold, Suffolk, New York I2119
72 Hops, Elizabeth  2 Jan 1811Southold, Suffolk, New York I2353
73 Horton, Abigail  15 Oct 1852Southold, Suffolk, New York I1951
74 Horton, Barnabas  13 Jul 1680Southold, Suffolk, New York I1240
75 Horton, Barnabas  13 Jul 1680Southold, Suffolk, New York I4763
76 Horton, Barnabas  13 Jul 1680Southold, Suffolk, New York I00808
77 Horton, Barnabas  13 Jul 1680Southold, Suffolk, New York I14669
78 Horton, Capt. Jonathan  23 Feb 1706/07Southold, Suffolk, New York I1217
79 Horton, Capt. Jonathan  23 Feb 1707Southold, Suffolk, New York I0683
80 Horton, Jonathan  23 Feb 1706/07Southold, Suffolk, New York I1134
81 Horton, Jonathan Goldsmith  3 Jul 1873Southold, Suffolk, New York I1491
82 Horton, Mehitable  7 Sep 1757Southold, Suffolk, New York I2710
83 Horton, Pamela  9 Aug 1802Southold, Suffolk, New York I2321
84 Hulse, Anne  5 May 1805Southold, Suffolk, New York I2384
85 Hulse, Jemima  5 Sep 1779Southold, Suffolk, New York I2272
86 James Ii, James  6 May 1698Southold, Suffolk, New York I01995
87 Jennings, Andrew  Aft 1860Southold, Suffolk, New York I2103
88 Johnson, Mary  Abt 1644Southold, Suffolk, New York I02365
89 Kinge, Hannah  1686Southold, Suffolk, New York I1912
90 Kinge, Hannah  1686Southold, Suffolk, New York I00813
91 Kirtland, Lydia  27 Jan 1742/43Southold, Suffolk, New York I02323
92 Maltby, Isabella  12 Feb 1660/61Southold, Suffolk, New York I1054
93 Mapes, Sarah  1660Southold, Suffolk, New York I2789
94 Mapes, Sarah  1660Southold, Suffolk, New York I03706
95 Mapes, Sarah  1660Southold, Suffolk, New York I362
96 Mapes, Sarah  1660Southold, Suffolk, New York I4313
97 Mapes, Sarah  1660Southold, Suffolk, New York I1699
98 Mapes, Sarah  1660Southold, Suffolk, New York I16266
99 Megson, Sarah  24 Mar 1852Southold, Suffolk, New York I1198
100 Miller, Roxanna  2 Sep 1874Southold, Suffolk, New York I1434

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Alice  Bef 1671Southold, Suffolk, New York I0682
2 Alice  Bef 1671Southold, Suffolk, New York I3786
3 Brown, Richard  UNKNOWNSouthold, Suffolk, New York I1911
4 Brown, Richard  UNKNOWNSouthold, Suffolk, New York I00812
5 Overton, Nathaniel  Southold, Suffolk, New York I0344
6 Purrier, William  1675Southold, Suffolk, New York I0696
7 Purrier, William  1675Southold, Suffolk, New York I3800
8 Warren, Mary  5 Nov 1678Southold, Suffolk, New York I2007


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 /   1654Southold, Suffolk, New York F082
2 /   1654Southold, Suffolk, New York F083
3 Appleby / Overton  8 Dec 1886Southold, Suffolk, New York F0228
4 Bailey / Conklin  19 Nov 1723Southold, Suffolk, New York F0674
5 Bailey / Gillam  17 Oct 1749Southold, Suffolk, New York F0691
6 Bailey / Horton  21 Sep 1769Southold, Suffolk, New York F0693
7 Bailey / Peck  24 Sep 1771Southold, Suffolk, New York F0692
8 Bennett / Overton  30 Dec 1840Southold, Suffolk, New York F0223
9 Bennett / Vail  13 May 1852Southold, Suffolk, New York F0242
10 Booth / Billard  26 Oct 1797Southold, Suffolk, New York F0213
11 Booth / Cady  1863Southold, Suffolk, New York F0204
12 Booth / Horton  7 Apr 1803Southold, Suffolk, New York F0569
13 Booth / Overton  1 May 1763Southold, Suffolk, New York F0568
14 Bradley / Bailey  2 Jul 1752Southold, Suffolk, New York F0673
15 Bradley / Booth  4 Oct 1722Southold, Suffolk, New York F0658
16 Bradley / Conklin  7 Feb 1754Southold, Suffolk, New York F0675
17 Brown / Overton  12 Jan 1825Southold, Suffolk, New York F0200
18 Cantermen / Overton  Mar 1845Southold, Suffolk, New York F0164
19 Carpenter / Overton  2 Oct 1859Southold, Suffolk, New York F0209
20 Case / Overton  2 Dec 1755Southold, Suffolk, New York F0571
21 Cleveland / Cleveland  18 Feb 1714/15Southold, Suffolk, New York F0220
22 Conklin / Horton  2 Dec 1657Southold, Suffolk, New York F5363
23 Conklin / Horton  2 Dec 1657Southold, Suffolk, New York F0903
24 Conklin / Overton  21 Dec 1853Southold, Suffolk, New York F0196
25 Corey / Tuthill  1672Southold, Suffolk, New York F637
26 Corey / Tuthill  1672Southold, Suffolk, New York F2328
27 Corey / Tuthill  1672Southold, Suffolk, New York F3776
28 Corey / Tuthill  1672Southold, Suffolk, New York F11823
29 Corey / Tuthill  1672Southold, Suffolk, New York F0825
30 Corey / Tuthill  1672Southold, Suffolk, New York F06500
31 Corey / Tuthill  1672Southold, Suffolk, New York F05715
32 Corey / Tuthill  1672Southold, Suffolk, New York F0073
33 Corwin / Overton  27 Mar 1800Southold, Suffolk, New York F0198
34 Corwin / Vail  27 May 1783Southold, Suffolk, New York F1019
35 Davis / Goldsmith  13 Mar 1800Southold, Suffolk, New York F0647
36 Dickinson / Overton  8 Nov 1754Southold, Suffolk, New York F0578
37 Drake / Overton  21 Oct 1779Southold, Suffolk, New York F0543
38 Fenton / Overton  11 May 1843Southold, Suffolk, New York F0435
39 Field / Overton  25 Jan 1788Southold, Suffolk, New York F0542
40 Gardiner / Overton  23 May 1825Southold, Suffolk, New York F0221
41 Gardiner / Overton  29 Aug 1828Southold, Suffolk, New York F0159
42 Gardiner / Overton  25 Feb 1860Southold, Suffolk, New York F0245
43 Goldsmith / Overton  28 Dec 1815Southold, Suffolk, New York F0598
44 Gordon / Overton  31 Jan 1858Southold, Suffolk, New York F0153
45 Griffing / Overton  20 Apr 1769Southold, Suffolk, New York F0562
46 Hallock / Horton  1688Southold, Suffolk, New York F229
47 Hallock / Mary  1688Southold, Suffolk, New York F0213
48 Hallock / Overton  17 Mar 1796Southold, Suffolk, New York F0218
49 Harrison / Overton  12 Nov 1896Southold, Suffolk, New York F0255
50 Hart / Cleveland  16 Mar 1754Southold, Suffolk, New York F0214
51 Hart / Cleveland  16 Mar 1754Southold, Suffolk, New York F0255
52 Horton / Bailey  Dec 1748Southold, Suffolk, New York F0688
53 Horton / Overton  25 Nov 1870Southold, Suffolk, New York F0243
54 Hutchinson / Overton  8 Oct 1815Southold, Suffolk, New York F0226
55 Jennings / Overton  16 Sep 1805Southold, Suffolk, New York F0322
56 Kertland / Rand  1652Southold, Suffolk, New York F1527
57 Mapes / Overton  4 Jul 1773Southold, Suffolk, New York F0563
58 Moore / Vail  Abt 1664Southold, Suffolk, New York F0567
59 Overton / Bennett  15 May 1835Southold, Suffolk, New York F0207
60 Overton / Billard  4 Sep 1803Southold, Suffolk, New York F0162
61 Overton / Bishop  25 Dec 1885Southold, Suffolk, New York F0229
62 Overton / Brown  8 Mar 1786Southold, Suffolk, New York F0560
63 Overton / Burnett  14 Oct 1760Southold, Suffolk, New York F0559
64 Overton / Case  4 May 1762Southold, Suffolk, New York F0558
65 Overton / Clark  28 Aug 1793Southold, Suffolk, New York F0557
66 Overton / Coon  18 Dec 1806Southold, Suffolk, New York F0312
67 Overton / Corey  14 Dec 1797Southold, Suffolk, New York F0565
68 Overton / Davis  30 Jan 1800Southold, Suffolk, New York F0892
69 Overton / Drake  10 Mar 1831Southold, Suffolk, New York F0149
70 Overton / Glover  28 Jan 1830Southold, Suffolk, New York F0138
71 Overton / Goldsmith  15 Oct 1745Southold, Suffolk, New York F0530
72 Overton / Goldsmith  15 Jun 1856Southold, Suffolk, New York F0145
73 Overton / Gordon  15 Aug 1848Southold, Suffolk, New York F0158
74 Overton / Griffin  29 Mar 1863Southold, Suffolk, New York F0154
75 Overton / Haines  1 Feb 1831Southold, Suffolk, New York F0157
76 Overton / Hallock  7 Nov 1779Southold, Suffolk, New York F0552
77 Overton / Horton  15 Feb 1774Southold, Suffolk, New York F0533
78 Overton / Horton  8 Dec 1800Southold, Suffolk, New York F0544
79 Overton / Horton  21 May 1809Southold, Suffolk, New York F0436
80 Overton / Hulse  1 Jan 1734Southold, Suffolk, New York F0529
81 Overton / Hulse  9 Apr 1767Southold, Suffolk, New York F0564
82 Overton / Moore  1698Southold, Suffolk, New York F1099
83 Overton / Moore  7 Feb 1818Southold, Suffolk, New York F0431
84 Overton / Overton  8 Oct 1778Southold, Suffolk, New York F0532
85 Overton / Overton  14 Mar 1804Southold, Suffolk, New York F0293
86 Overton / Reeves  25 Apr 1754Southold, Suffolk, New York F0537
87 Overton / Robinson  14 Sep 1849Southold, Suffolk, New York F0184
88 Overton / Rogers  14 May 1801Southold, Suffolk, New York F0570
89 Overton / Rogers  25 Sep 1801Southold, Suffolk, New York F0566
90 Overton / Tea  7 Nov 1793Southold, Suffolk, New York F0541
91 Overton / Terry  Abt 1670Southold, Suffolk, New York F0001
92 Overton / Terry  25 Aug 1754Southold, Suffolk, New York F0371
93 Overton / Terry  28 Nov 1805Southold, Suffolk, New York F0572
94 Overton / Vail  17 Dec 1790Southold, Suffolk, New York F0531
95 Overton / Waldron  23 Apr 1800Southold, Suffolk, New York F0303
96 Overton / Way  23 May 1732Southold, Suffolk, New York F1030
97 Overton / Wells  1 Dec 1793Southold, Suffolk, New York F0545
98 Overton / Wells  12 Mar 1800Southold, Suffolk, New York F0575
99 Payne / Horton  Abt 2 Dec 1826Southold, Suffolk, New York F0437
100 Petty / Young  Abt 1657Southold, Suffolk, New York F0384

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