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Hopewell, Hunterdon, Nj



Matches 1 to 51 of 51

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Brush, Hannah  1765Hopewell, Hunterdon, Nj I01238
2 Brush, Isaac  1759Hopewell, Hunterdon, Nj I01158
3 Brush, Jerusha  1761Hopewell, Hunterdon, Nj I01235
4 Brush, Nehemiah  6 Feb 1777Hopewell, Hunterdon, Nj I05930
5 Brush, Nehemiah  6 Feb 1777Hopewell, Hunterdon, Nj I01226
6 Brush, Sarah  1763Hopewell, Hunterdon, Nj I01237
7 Carpenter, Archelus  16 May 1716Hopewell, Hunterdon, Nj I1168
8 Carpenter, Archelus  16 May 1716Hopewell, Hunterdon, Nj I10015
9 Carpenter, Ashman  1725Hopewell, Hunterdon, Nj I1178
10 Carpenter, Ashman  1725Hopewell, Hunterdon, Nj I10047
11 Carpenter, Benedict  11 Jan 1715Hopewell, Hunterdon, Nj I1170
12 Carpenter, Benedict  11 Jan 1715Hopewell, Hunterdon, Nj I10032
13 Carpenter, Catherine  Abt 1731Hopewell, Hunterdon, Nj I1182
14 Carpenter, Catherine  Abt 1731Hopewell, Hunterdon, Nj I10051
15 Carpenter, Hannah  Abt 1729Hopewell, Hunterdon, Nj I1181
16 Carpenter, Hannah  Abt 1729Hopewell, Hunterdon, Nj I17645
17 Carpenter, Hannah  Abt 1729Hopewell, Hunterdon, Nj I10050
18 Carpenter, Henry  Hopewell, Hunterdon, Nj I1171
19 Carpenter, Henry  Hopewell, Hunterdon, Nj I17637
20 Carpenter, Henry  Hopewell, Hunterdon, Nj I10033
21 Carpenter, Hezekiah  Abt 1725Hopewell, Hunterdon, Nj I1162
22 Carpenter, Hezekiah  Abt 1725Hopewell, Hunterdon, Nj I09997
23 Carpenter, Hope  Abt 1728Hopewell, Hunterdon, Nj I1179
24 Carpenter, Hope  Abt 1728Hopewell, Hunterdon, Nj I17643
25 Carpenter, Hope  Abt 1728Hopewell, Hunterdon, Nj I10048
26 Carpenter, John  Abt 1715Hopewell, Hunterdon, Nj I1163
27 Carpenter, John  Abt 1715Hopewell, Hunterdon, Nj I17633
28 Carpenter, John  Abt 1715Hopewell, Hunterdon, Nj I09998
29 Carpenter, Joseph  Abt 1730Hopewell, Hunterdon, Nj I1180
30 Carpenter, Joseph  Abt 1730Hopewell, Hunterdon, Nj I17644
31 Carpenter, Joseph  Abt 1730Hopewell, Hunterdon, Nj I10049
32 Carpenter, Margaret  16 Sep 1720Hopewell, Hunterdon, Nj I1169
33 Carpenter, Margaret  16 Sep 1720Hopewell, Hunterdon, Nj I10016
34 Carpenter, Mary  Abt 1727Hopewell, Hunterdon, Nj I1161
35 Carpenter, Mary  Abt 1727Hopewell, Hunterdon, Nj I17632
36 Carpenter, Mary  Abt 1727Hopewell, Hunterdon, Nj I09996
37 Carpenter, Silas  8 Apr 1713Hopewell, Hunterdon, Nj I1167
38 Carpenter, Silas  8 Apr 1713Hopewell, Hunterdon, Nj I17636
39 Carpenter, Silas  8 Apr 1713Hopewell, Hunterdon, Nj I10014
40 Everett, Rachel  30 May 1716Hopewell, Hunterdon, NJ I0572
41 Everett, Samuel  12 Dec 1718Hopewell, Hunterdon, NJ I0573
42 Hunt, John  Between 1750 and 1751Hopewell, Hunterdon, Nj I04529
43 Hunt, Jonathan  17 Jul 1717Hopewell, Hunterdon, Nj I04584
44 Moore, Abigail  24 May 1717Hopewell, Hunterdon, NJ I11128
45 Moore, Benjamin  19 Nov 1732Hopewell, Hunterdon, NJ I10205
46 Moore, John  8 Mar 1715Hopewell, Hunterdon, NJ I11213
47 Moore, Joseph  4 Dec 1724Hopewell, Hunterdon, NJ I11216
48 Moore, Mary  20 May 1719Hopewell, Hunterdon, NJ I11214
49 Moore, Phebe  6 Aug 1735Hopewell, Hunterdon, NJ I11219
50 Moore, Samuel  6 Feb 1720Hopewell, Hunterdon, NJ I11215
51 Moore, Sarah  31 Dec 1728Hopewell, Hunterdon, NJ I11217


Matches 1 to 6 of 6

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Brush, Israel  1779Hopewell, Hunterdon, Nj I01115
2 Everett, Rachel  20 Jan 1812Hopewell, Hunterdon, NJ I0572
3 Moore, Nathaniel  6 Sep 1759Hopewell, Hunterdon, NJ I10185
4 Price, Susannah  1 Feb 1783Hopewell, Hunterdon, Nj I23866
5 Price, Susannah    1 Feb 1783Hopewell, Hunterdon, NJ I20952
6 Prudden, Joanna  Abt 1768Hopewell, Hunterdon, NJ I10214


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Hunt, Noah  UNKNOWNHopewell, Hunterdon, Nj I04629


Matches 1 to 5 of 5

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Hunt / Price  12 Feb 1735Hopewell, Hunterdon, NJ F11414
2 Hunt / Price  12 Feb 1735Hopewell, Hunterdon, Nj F13671
3 Moore / Prudden  1 Dec 1713Hopewell, Hunterdon, NJ F4186
4 Oxley / Everett  1721Hopewell, Hunterdon, NJ F0092
5 Phillips / Hunt  Abt 1739Hopewell, Hunterdon, Nj F08015

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