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Babylon Rural Cemetery



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 A, Edith  Babylon Rural Cemetery I01476
2 A, Edith  Babylon Rural Cemetery I0827
3 A, Edith  Babylon Rural Cemetery I2325
4 A, Edith  Babylon Rural Cemetery I08858
5 A, Edith  Babylon Rural Cemetery I30390
6 A, Fannie  Babylon Rural Cemetery I19352
7 A, Fannie  Babylon Rural Cemetery I30535
8 A, Keziah  Babylon Rural Cemetery I28180
9 A, Margaret  Babylon Rural Cemetery I04858
10 A, Margaret  Babylon Rural Cemetery I03629
11 Ackerman, James  Babylon Rural Cemetery I17287
12 Ackerman, Mary Anna  Babylon Rural Cemetery I19072
13 Albin, Ada  Babylon Rural Cemetery I11115
14 Albin, Ada  Babylon Rural Cemetery I10205
15 Albin, Ada  Babylon Rural Cemetery I17157
16 Albin, Ada  Babylon Rural Cemetery I17118
17 Albin, Ann Eliza  Babylon Rural Cemetery I3654
18 Albin, Ann Eliza  Babylon Rural Cemetery I7274
19 Albin, Ann Eliza  Babylon Rural Cemetery I10333
20 Albin, Ann Eliza  Babylon Rural Cemetery I09434
21 Albin, Ann Eliza  Babylon Rural Cemetery I13509
22 Albin, Ann Eliza  Babylon Rural Cemetery I10469
23 Albin, Ann Eliza  Babylon Rural Cemetery I20009
24 Albin, Jeremiah  Babylon Rural Cemetery I10210
25 Albin, Jeremiah  Babylon Rural Cemetery I17162
26 Albin, Jeremiah  Babylon Rural Cemetery I17122
27 Albin, Jeremiah Wesley  Babylon Rural Cemetery I2024
28 Albin, Jeremiah Wesley  Babylon Rural Cemetery I12561
29 Albin, Jeremiah Wesley  Babylon Rural Cemetery I06615
30 Albin, Jeremiah Wesley  Babylon Rural Cemetery I12106
31 Albin, Jeremiah Wesley  Babylon Rural Cemetery I1167
32 Albin, Jeremiah Wesley  Babylon Rural Cemetery I19882
33 Albin, Jeremiah Wesley  Babylon Rural Cemetery I20826
34 Albin, Phebe  Babylon Rural Cemetery I01080
35 Albin, Phebe  Babylon Rural Cemetery I02392
36 Albin, Phebe  Babylon Rural Cemetery I2129
37 Albin, Phebe  Babylon Rural Cemetery I30193
38 Albin, Phebe  Babylon Rural Cemetery I0568
39 Albin, Platt  Babylon Rural Cemetery I10209
40 Albin, Platt  Babylon Rural Cemetery I17161
41 Albin, Platt  Babylon Rural Cemetery I17121
42 Alley, Edward S  Babylon Rural Cemetery I09058
43 Alley, Edward S  Babylon Rural Cemetery I07451
44 Alley, Edward S  Babylon Rural Cemetery I22799
45 Alley, Edward Smith  Babylon Rural Cemetery I2996
46 Alley, Edward Smith  Babylon Rural Cemetery I11139
47 Alley, Edward Smith  Babylon Rural Cemetery I15480
48 Alley, Edward Smith  Babylon Rural Cemetery I18203
49 Alley, Edward Smith  Babylon Rural Cemetery I29488
50 Alley, Edward Smith  Babylon Rural Cemetery I28695
51 Alley, Edward Smith  Babylon Rural Cemetery I40560
52 Alley, Emily S  Babylon Rural Cemetery I2995
53 Alley, Emily S  Babylon Rural Cemetery I11138
54 Alley, Emily S  Babylon Rural Cemetery I09057
55 Alley, Emily S  Babylon Rural Cemetery I15479
56 Alley, Emily S  Babylon Rural Cemetery I18202
57 Alley, Emily S  Babylon Rural Cemetery I29487
58 Alley, Emily S  Babylon Rural Cemetery I28694
59 Alley, Emily S  Babylon Rural Cemetery I07450
60 Alley, Emily S  Babylon Rural Cemetery I22798
61 Alley, Emily S  Babylon Rural Cemetery I40559
62 Alley, Sidney  Babylon Rural Cemetery I1790
63 Alley, Sidney  Babylon Rural Cemetery I06025
64 Alley, Sidney  Babylon Rural Cemetery I08892
65 Alley, Sidney  Babylon Rural Cemetery I10726
66 Alley, Sidney  Babylon Rural Cemetery I29436
67 Alley, Sidney  Babylon Rural Cemetery I22641
68 Alley, Sidney  Babylon Rural Cemetery I08297
69 Alley, Sidney  Babylon Rural Cemetery I06949
70 Alley, Sidney  Babylon Rural Cemetery I17812
71 Alley, Sidney  Babylon Rural Cemetery I40508
72 Alley, William L  Babylon Rural Cemetery I2288
73 Alley, William L  Babylon Rural Cemetery I08317
74 Alley, William L  Babylon Rural Cemetery I08934
75 Alley, William L  Babylon Rural Cemetery I11509
76 Alley, William L  Babylon Rural Cemetery I14055
77 Alley, William L  Babylon Rural Cemetery I29458
78 Alley, William L  Babylon Rural Cemetery I22951
79 Alley, William L  Babylon Rural Cemetery I22676
80 Alley, William L  Babylon Rural Cemetery I07052
81 Alley, William L  Babylon Rural Cemetery I40530
82 Anderson, Jane  Babylon Rural Cemetery I00368
83 Anderson, Jane  Babylon Rural Cemetery I00457
84 Anderson, Jane  Babylon Rural Cemetery I00388
85 Ann, Martha  Babylon Rural Cemetery I05463
86 Ann, Mary  Babylon Rural Cemetery I00821
87 Arl, Sophia  Babylon Rural Cemetery I05913
88 Arl, Sophia  Babylon Rural Cemetery I02477
89 Arl, Sophia  Babylon Rural Cemetery I09281
90 Arl, Sophia  Babylon Rural Cemetery I0112
91 Arnold, Eliza Jane  Babylon Rural Cemetery I15582
92 Arnold, Eliza Jane  Babylon Rural Cemetery I19671
93 Arnold, Eliza Jane  Babylon Rural Cemetery I28827
94 Arnold, Ernest  Babylon Rural Cemetery I34014
95 Arnold, Ernest  Babylon Rural Cemetery I21538
96 Arnold, Ernest  Babylon Rural Cemetery I5966
97 Arnold, Ernest  Babylon Rural Cemetery I28847
98 Arnold, Estelle  Babylon Rural Cemetery I31069
99 Arnold, Estelle  Babylon Rural Cemetery I15583
100 Arnold, Estelle  Babylon Rural Cemetery I19672

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Burial    Person ID 
1 Chichester, Hannah Mary  Babylon Rural Cemetery I01488
2 Chichester, Hannah Mary  Babylon Rural Cemetery I5539
3 Chichester, Hannah Mary  Babylon Rural Cemetery I1219
4 Davis, Martha M  Babylon Rural Cemetery I03019
5 Davis, Martha M  Babylon Rural Cemetery I5606
6 Davis, Martha M  Babylon Rural Cemetery I1286
7 Davis, Samuel  Babylon Rural Cemetery I27584
8 Fleet, Adrianna  Babylon Rural Cemetery I01489
9 Fleet, Adrianna  UNKNOWNBabylon Rural Cemetery I5465
10 Fleet, Adrianna  UNKNOWNBabylon Rural Cemetery I1142
11 Fleet, Alonzo  Babylon Rural Cemetery I01752
12 Fleet, Alonzo  Babylon Rural Cemetery I5566
13 Fleet, Alonzo  Babylon Rural Cemetery I1246
14 Fleet, Charles E  Babylon Rural Cemetery I01672
15 Fleet, Charlotte  Babylon Rural Cemetery I01749
16 Fleet, Charlotte  Babylon Rural Cemetery I5563
17 Fleet, Charlotte  Babylon Rural Cemetery I1243
18 Fleet, Cornelia Ann  Babylon Rural Cemetery I01789
19 Fleet, Cornelia Ann  Babylon Rural Cemetery I5594
20 Fleet, Cornelia Ann  Babylon Rural Cemetery I1274
21 Fleet, David  Babylon Rural Cemetery I01757
22 Fleet, David  Babylon Rural Cemetery I5569
23 Fleet, David  Babylon Rural Cemetery I1249
24 Fleet, Edgar  Babylon Rural Cemetery I01779
25 Fleet, Edgar  Babylon Rural Cemetery I5587
26 Fleet, Edgar  Babylon Rural Cemetery I1267
27 Fleet, Edward DeLowerre  Babylon Rural Cemetery I01548
28 Fleet, Edward DeLowerre  Babylon Rural Cemetery I5560
29 Fleet, Edward DeLowerre  Babylon Rural Cemetery I1240
30 Fleet, Elbert C  Babylon Rural Cemetery I01484
31 Fleet, Elbert C  Babylon Rural Cemetery I5537
32 Fleet, Elbert C  Babylon Rural Cemetery I1217
33 Fleet, George Elbert  Babylon Rural Cemetery I01552
34 Fleet, George Elbert  Babylon Rural Cemetery I5561
35 Fleet, George Elbert  Babylon Rural Cemetery I1241
36 Fleet, Gilbert  Babylon Rural Cemetery I03038
37 Fleet, Gilbert  Babylon Rural Cemetery I5619
38 Fleet, Gilbert  Babylon Rural Cemetery I1299
39 Fleet, Harriet  UNKNOWNBabylon Rural Cemetery I03720
40 Fleet, Jacob  Babylon Rural Cemetery I01841
41 Fleet, Jeremiah  Babylon Rural Cemetery I01670
42 Fleet, Juliette  Babylon Rural Cemetery I03036
43 Fleet, Juliette  Babylon Rural Cemetery I5617
44 Fleet, Juliette  Babylon Rural Cemetery I1297
45 Fleet, Mary Ann  Babylon Rural Cemetery I01788
46 Fleet, Mary Ann  Babylon Rural Cemetery I5593
47 Fleet, Mary Ann  Babylon Rural Cemetery I1273
48 Fleet, Nancy  Babylon Rural Cemetery I01787
49 Fleet, Nancy  Babylon Rural Cemetery I5592
50 Fleet, Nancy  Babylon Rural Cemetery I1272
51 Fleet, Phebe E  Babylon Rural Cemetery I01485
52 Fleet, Phebe E  UNKNOWNBabylon Rural Cemetery I5464
53 Fleet, Phebe E  UNKNOWNBabylon Rural Cemetery I1141
54 Fleet, Silas C  Babylon Rural Cemetery I03768
55 Fleet, Silas C  Babylon Rural Cemetery I5742
56 Fleet, Silas C  Babylon Rural Cemetery I1422
57 Fleet, Thomas S  Babylon Rural Cemetery I01487
58 Fleet, Thomas S  Babylon Rural Cemetery I5538
59 Fleet, Thomas S  Babylon Rural Cemetery I1218
60 Fleet, Treadwell  Babylon Rural Cemetery I01482
61 Fleet, Treadwell  Babylon Rural Cemetery I5536
62 Fleet, Treadwell  Babylon Rural Cemetery I1216
63 Gilbert, Iola  Babylon Rural Cemetery I02605
64 Kellum, Franklin D  Babylon Rural Cemetery I02602
65 Kellum, Ira  Babylon Rural Cemetery I06087
66 Kellum, William Smith  Babylon Rural Cemetery I02604
67 Ketcham, Mabel  Babylon Rural Cemetery I22930
68 M, Gertrude  Babylon Rural Cemetery I01673
69 Mac Farlane, John Fleet  Babylon Rural Cemetery I01751
70 Mac Farlane, John Fleet  Babylon Rural Cemetery I5565
71 Mac Farlane, John Fleet  Babylon Rural Cemetery I1245
72 MacFarlane, George Augustus  UNKNOWNBabylon Rural Cemetery I03770
73 MacFarlane, George Augustus  UNKNOWNBabylon Rural Cemetery I5743
74 MacFarlane, George Augustus  UNKNOWNBabylon Rural Cemetery I1423
75 Mott, Catherine  Babylon Rural Cemetery I02596
76 Muncy, William  Babylon Rural Cemetery I01493
77 Muncy, William  Babylon Rural Cemetery I5542
78 Muncy, William  Babylon Rural Cemetery I1222
79 Rowland, Mary Emma  Babylon Rural Cemetery I01750
80 Rowland, Mary Emma  Babylon Rural Cemetery I5564
81 Rowland, Mary Emma  Babylon Rural Cemetery I1244
82 Sammis, Frances "Fanny"  UNKNOWNBabylon Rural Cemetery I03715
83 Scudder, John Budd  Babylon Rural Cemetery I11281
84 Seaman, Hannah S  Babylon Rural Cemetery I03392
85 Seaman, Hannah S  Babylon Rural Cemetery I5722
86 Seaman, Hannah S  Babylon Rural Cemetery I1402
87 Smith, Albert Nicoll  Babylon Rural Cemetery I01791
88 Smith, Albert Nicoll  Babylon Rural Cemetery I5595
89 Smith, Albert Nicoll  Babylon Rural Cemetery I1275
90 Smith, Solomon  Babylon Rural Cemetery I00560
91 Smith, Solomon  Babylon Rural Cemetery I5488
92 Smith, Solomon  Babylon Rural Cemetery I1168
93 Stebbins, John B  Babylon Rural Cemetery I03459
94 Stebbins, John B  Babylon Rural Cemetery I5727
95 Stebbins, John B  Babylon Rural Cemetery I1407
96 Strong, Hannah  Babylon Rural Cemetery I01756
97 Strong, Hannah  Babylon Rural Cemetery I5568
98 Strong, Hannah  Babylon Rural Cemetery I1248
99 Travis, Mabbett  Babylon Rural Cemetery I01553
100 Travis, Mabbett  UNKNOWNBabylon Rural Cemetery I5467

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