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Andover, Essex Co., Massachusetts



Matches 1 to 73 of 73

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Barker, Hannah  21 Oct 1656Andover, Essex Co., Massachusetts I11633
2 Bradstreet, Hannah  1625Andover, Essex Co., Massachusetts I13341
3 Bridges, Mrs. Elizabeth  Abt 1655Andover, Essex Co., Massachusetts I13482
4 Dane, Elizabeth  Abt 1644Andover, Essex Co., Massachusetts I13050
5 Frye, Samuel (Samuel)  26 Apr 1694Andover, Essex Co., Massachusetts I31963
6 Gray, Aaron  14 Apr 1692Andover, Essex Co., Massachusetts I13322
7 Gray, Abigail  1715Andover, Essex Co., Massachusetts I11647
8 Gray, Brevitor  29 Sep 1685Andover, Essex Co., Massachusetts I13320
9 Gray, Daniel  29 Nov 1760Andover, Essex Co., Massachusetts I11627
10 Gray, Edward  12 Sep 1679Andover, Essex Co., Massachusetts I11630
11 Gray, Edward  Nov 1705Andover, Essex Co., Massachusetts I11635
12 Gray, Elizabeth  Nov 1720Andover, Essex Co., Massachusetts I11652
13 Gray, Hannah  6 Mar 1711Andover, Essex Co., Massachusetts I11637
14 Gray, Hannah  10 Jun 1767Andover, Essex Co., Massachusetts I11629
15 Gray, John  2 Apr 1718Andover, Essex Co., Massachusetts I11649
16 Gray, Lydia  22 Aug 1716Andover, Essex Co., Massachusetts I11644
17 Gray, Margery  1707Andover, Essex Co., Massachusetts I11639
18 Gray, Phebe  13 Jan 1765Andover, Essex Co., Massachusetts I11628
19 Gray, Priscilla  10 Jan 1713Andover, Essex Co., Massachusetts I11641
20 Gray, Robert  Abt 1676Andover, Essex Co., Massachusetts I13317
21 Gray, Sarah  13 Aug 1714Andover, Essex Co., Massachusetts I11643
22 Gray, Sarah  18 Mar 1723Andover, Essex Co., Massachusetts I11654
23 Gray, Sarah  13 Mar 1740Andover, Essex Co., Massachusetts I11097
24 Gray, Thomas  16 Sep 1681Andover, Essex Co., Massachusetts I13319
25 Gray, Thomas  22 Jun 1709Andover, Essex Co., Massachusetts I11357
26 Gray, Thomas  23 Mar 1758Andover, Essex Co., Massachusetts I11626
27 Holt, Henry  1644Andover, Essex Co., Massachusetts I13332
28 Holt, James  21 Jun 1651Andover, Essex Co., Massachusetts I13338
29 Holt, John  14 Jan 1663/64Andover, Essex Co., Massachusetts I13344
30 Holt, Nicholas  1647Andover, Essex Co., Massachusetts I13333
31 Holt, Priscilla  20 Jun 1653Andover, Essex Co., Massachusetts I13340
32 Holt, Priscilla (Farnum)  Andover, Essex Co., Massachusetts I13612
33 Holt, Rebecca  14 Nov 1662Andover, Essex Co., Massachusetts I13343
34 Holt, Sarah  Abt 1649Andover, Essex Co., Massachusetts I13336
35 Hutchinson, Abigail  Abt 1696Andover, Essex Co., Massachusetts I13487
36 Hutchinson, Elizabeth  4 Aug 1715Andover, Essex Co., Massachusetts I11358
37 Hutchinson, John  Abt 1692Andover, Essex Co., Massachusetts I11106
38 Hutchinson, Mary  24 Apr 1717Andover, Essex Co., Massachusetts I13490
39 Hutchinson, Patience  Abt 1688Andover, Essex Co., Massachusetts I13485
40 Hutchinson, Phebe  Abt 1698Andover, Essex Co., Massachusetts I13494
41 Hutchinson, Ruth  20 Nov 1694Andover, Essex Co., Massachusetts I13493
42 Hutchinson, Samuel  Abt 1651Andover, Essex Co., Massachusetts I13481
43 Hutchinson, Sarah  24 Sep 1719Andover, Essex Co., Massachusetts I13491
44 Johnson, Abigail  22 May 1675Andover, Essex Co., Massachusetts I13082
45 Johnson, Abigail  16 Mar 1681/82Andover, Essex Co., Massachusetts I13086
46 Johnson, Ann  25 Feb 1665/66Andover, Essex Co., Massachusetts I13078
47 Johnson, Benjamin  12 Aug 1677Andover, Essex Co., Massachusetts I13083
48 Johnson, Elizabeth  Abt 1662Andover, Essex Co., Massachusetts I05052
49 Johnson, Francis  15 Mar 1665/66Andover, Essex Co., Massachusetts I13076
50 Johnson, Joseph  12 Aug 1677Andover, Essex Co., Massachusetts I13085
51 Johnson, Mary  Abt 1628Andover, Essex Co., Massachusetts I00219
52 Johnson, Mary  21 Mar 1672/73Andover, Essex Co., Massachusetts I13080
53 Johnson, Stephen  4 Feb 1671/72Andover, Essex Co., Massachusetts I13079
54 Johnson, Stephen  7 Dec 1679Andover, Essex Co., Massachusetts I13047
55 Lovejoy, Christopher (John)  1 Mar 1661Andover, Essex Co., Massachusetts I49848
56 Lovejoy, Hezekiah (Chirstopher)  Oct 1701Andover, Essex Co., Massachusetts I34384
57 Lovejoy, Margaret (Christopher)  19 Dec 1709Andover, Essex Co., Massachusetts I36867
58 Osgood, Christopher  Andover, Essex Co., Massachusetts I13125
59 Osgood, Dorothy  4 Jul 1671Andover, Essex Co., Massachusetts I01783
60 Osgood, Esther  31 Oct 1684Andover, Essex Co., Massachusetts I13114
61 Osgood, Ezekiel  5 Nov 1679Andover, Essex Co., Massachusetts I13127
62 Osgood, Hannah  19 Oct 1668Andover, Essex Co., Massachusetts I13120
63 Osgood, Jeremiah  1702Andover, Essex Co., Massachusetts I13153
64 Osgood, Lydia  14 Jun 1694Andover, Essex Co., Massachusetts I13147
65 Osgood, Lydia  1 Sep 1695Andover, Essex Co., Massachusetts I13148
66 Osgood, Martha  14 Dec 1698Andover, Essex Co., Massachusetts I13150
67 Osgood, Martha  14 Dec 1698Andover, Essex Co., Massachusetts I00816
68 Osgood, Mary  5 Jul 1665Andover, Essex Co., Massachusetts I13118
69 Osgood, Mary  1705Andover, Essex Co., Massachusetts I13155
70 Osgood, Priscilla  1 Apr 1681Andover, Essex Co., Massachusetts I13112
71 Osgood, Rebecca  3 May 1692Andover, Essex Co., Massachusetts I13145
72 Osgood, Sarah  19 Feb 1681/82Andover, Essex Co., Massachusetts I11631
73 Russ, Sarah (John)  3 Feb 1668Andover, Essex Co., Massachusetts I49849


Matches 1 to 54 of 54

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Adams, Elizabeth  UNKNOWNAndover, Essex Co., Massachusetts I07398
2 Adams, Sarah  22 Mar 1735Andover, Essex Co., Massachusetts I11105
3 Annis, Elizabeth  UNKNOWNAndover, Essex Co., Massachusetts I01992
4 Annis, Elizabeth  UNKNOWNAndover, Essex Co., Massachusetts I00086
5 Asherst, Susan  UNKNOWNAndover, Essex Co., Massachusetts I13568
6 Barker, Hannah  6 Apr 1687Andover, Essex Co., Massachusetts I11633
7 Bradstreet, Hannah  20 Jun 1665Andover, Essex Co., Massachusetts I13341
8 Bridges, Mrs. Elizabeth  7 Sep 1730Andover, Essex Co., Massachusetts I13482
9 Dane, Elizabeth  15 Apr 1722Andover, Essex Co., Massachusetts I13050
10 Gray, Aaron  2 Dec 1711Andover, Essex Co., Massachusetts I13322
11 Gray, Abigail  16 Oct 1778Andover, Essex Co., Massachusetts I11647
12 Gray, Brevitor  10 Nov 1724Andover, Essex Co., Massachusetts I13320
13 Gray, Edward  15 Sep 1759Andover, Essex Co., Massachusetts I11630
14 Gray, Edward  24 May 1763Andover, Essex Co., Massachusetts I11635
15 Gray, Hannah  25 Jan 1763Andover, Essex Co., Massachusetts I13315
16 Gray, John  4 Jun 1720Andover, Essex Co., Massachusetts I11649
17 Gray, Robert  5 Sep 1718Andover, Essex Co., Massachusetts I13087
18 Gray, Sarah  10 Oct 1721Andover, Essex Co., Massachusetts I11643
19 Gray, Thomas  5 Feb 1796Andover, Essex Co., Massachusetts I11357
20 Holt, Elizabeth  26 Aug 1683Andover, Essex Co., Massachusetts I13326
21 Holt, Hannah  30 Mar 1728Andover, Essex Co., Massachusetts I13088
22 Holt, Henry  17 Jan 1719Andover, Essex Co., Massachusetts I13332
23 Holt, James  13 Dec 1690Andover, Essex Co., Massachusetts I13338
24 Holt, John  10 Mar 1686/87Andover, Essex Co., Massachusetts I13344
25 Holt, Mary  15 Nov 1700Andover, Essex Co., Massachusetts I13328
26 Holt, Nicholas  30 Jan 1684/85Andover, Essex Co., Massachusetts I13323
27 Holt, Nicholas  8 Oct 1715Andover, Essex Co., Massachusetts I13333
28 Holt, Priscilla  16 Oct 1653Andover, Essex Co., Massachusetts I13340
29 Holt, Samuel  7 Nov 1703Andover, Essex Co., Massachusetts I13330
30 Holt, Sarah  22 Dec 1690Andover, Essex Co., Massachusetts I13336
31 Hoyt, John  UNKNOWNAndover, Essex Co., Massachusetts I01247
32 Hoyt, John  UNKNOWNAndover, Essex Co., Massachusetts I02818
33 Hoyt, John  UNKNOWNAndover, Essex Co., Massachusetts I02825
34 Hutchinson, Elizabeth  22 Mar 1740Andover, Essex Co., Massachusetts I11358
35 Hutchinson, Samuel  31 Jul 1741Andover, Essex Co., Massachusetts I13481
36 Hutchinson, Sarah  UNKNOWNAndover, Essex Co., Massachusetts I13491
37 Johnson, Ann  26 Jun 1669Andover, Essex Co., Massachusetts I13078
38 Johnson, John  UNKNOWNAndover, Essex Co., Massachusetts I13567
39 Johnson, Mary  22 Mar 1672/73Andover, Essex Co., Massachusetts I13080
40 Johnson, Stephen  UNKNOWNAndover, Essex Co., Massachusetts I13079
41 Johnson, Stephen  30 Nov 1690Andover, Essex Co., Massachusetts I13049
42 Lovejoy, Christopher (John)  13 Mar 1736Andover, Essex Co., Massachusetts I49848
43 Lovejoy, Margaret (Christopher)  27 Jul 1745Andover, Essex Co., Massachusetts I36867
44 Osgood, Christopher  UNKNOWNAndover, Essex Co., Massachusetts I13125
45 Osgood, Christopher  9 May 1723Andover, Essex Co., Massachusetts I11632
46 Osgood, Lydia  20 Jul 1694Andover, Essex Co., Massachusetts I13147
47 Osgood, Mrs. Sarah  8 Jul 1689Andover, Essex Co., Massachusetts I13144
48 Osgood, Rebecca  29 Jul 1727Andover, Essex Co., Massachusetts I13145
49 Osgood, Sarah  14 May 1718Andover, Essex Co., Massachusetts I11631
50 Prescott, Mrs. Martha  UNKNOWNAndover, Essex Co., Massachusetts I13347
51 Rowell, Thomas  8 May 1662Andover, Essex Co., Massachusetts I02770
52 Russ, Sarah (John)  19 Apr 1745Andover, Essex Co., Massachusetts I49849
53 Short, Elizabeth  9 Nov 1656Andover, Essex Co., Massachusetts I13325
54 Tyler, Job  1700Andover, Essex Co., MAssachusetts I07881


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Gray, Margery  31 Oct 1795Andover, Essex Co., Massachusetts I11639
2 Johnson, Francis  23 May 1738Andover, Essex Co., Massachusetts I13076

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