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Long Island Surnames

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Albany, Albany, New York


Tree: Arthur

Latitude: 42.6525793, Longitude: -73.7562317


Matches 1 to 70 of 70

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Barents, Geesje  Abt 1640Albany, Albany, New York I0246
2 Becker, Abraham  21 Jan 1720Albany, Albany, New York I01341
3 Bloemendaal, Maas Cornelissen (Van Buren)  Abt 1643Albany, Albany, New York I27500
4 Bogardus, Anthony  7 Jan 1682Albany, Albany, New York I01343
5 Bogardus, Maria  Albany, Albany, New York I00931
6 Carbine, Eleanor  23 Jun 1771Albany, Albany, New York I1957
7 Davis, Arriaantje  Abt 1645Albany, Albany, New York I0250
8 de Hooges, Annetje (Anna)  1650Albany, Albany, New York I11621
9 de Hooges, Catharina  Abt 1647Albany, Albany, New York I11674
10 de Hooges, Johannes  1652Albany, Albany, New York I11664
11 Doty, Alvah Hunt  27 Jul 1854Albany, Albany, New York I16734
12 Doty, Charles  Abt 1822Albany, Albany, New York I08682
13 Doty, Clinton  22 Sep 1817Albany, Albany, New York I09897
14 Doty, Cynthia  Abt 1818Albany, Albany, New York I08680
15 Doty, Elisha Wade  1810Albany, Albany, New York I08676
16 Doty, Eliza  Abt 1820Albany, Albany, New York I08681
17 Doty, Harriet  19 Jan 1816Albany, Albany, New York I08679
18 Doty, Harriet  19 Jan 1816Albany, Albany, New York I09896
19 Doty, Harvey  31 Jan 1793Albany, Albany, New York I04582
20 Doty, Henry  Abt 1795Albany, Albany, New York I04583
21 Doty, Ira  Abt 1785Albany, Albany, New York I04579
22 Doty, James Warren  21 Jul 1832Albany, Albany, New York I04822
23 Doty, John  Abt 1790Albany, Albany, New York I04581
24 Doty, Julia Maria  Abt 1788Albany, Albany, New York I04580
25 Doty, Louis  Abt 1814Albany, Albany, New York I08678
26 Doty, Mary Louise  8 May 1865Albany, Albany, New York I16737
27 Doty, Matilda Akin  Mar 1811Albany, Albany, New York I09894
28 Doty, Phebe  Abt 1812Albany, Albany, New York I08677
29 Doty, Polly  Abt 1783Albany, Albany, New York I04578
30 Doty, Rockwood Richard  2 Dec 1858Albany, Albany, New York I16735
31 Eaton, Charles  Abt 1846Albany, Albany, New York I0789
32 Eaton, Emma  18 Dec 1850Albany, Albany, New York I0788
33 Eaton, Mary  1845Albany, Albany, New York I0790
34 Eaton, William  Abt Dec 1852Albany, Albany, New York I0787
35 Gardinier, Aeltje Jacobse  1650Albany, Albany, New York I0400
36 Groesbeck, Walter Nicholas  29 Aug 1714Albany, Albany, New York I00930
37 Hardenburgh, Johannes  1670Albany, Albany, New York I11538
38 Holden, Maude  12 Apr 1881Albany, Albany, New York I10719
39 Holden, Nellie W  25 Apr 1873Albany, Albany, New York I10726
40 Holden, Willie  28 Mar 1874Albany, Albany, New York I10727
41 Lester, Sarah  14 Jun 1809Albany, Albany, New York I0106
42 Loockermans, Hilletje  Albany, Albany, New York I0569
43 Marcellus, Virginia M.  16 Feb 1842Albany, Albany, New York I16952
44 Parshall, Alfred Gregory  16 Oct 1847Albany, Albany, New York I0729
45 Parshall, Henrietta Maria  4 Jul 1844Albany, Albany, New York I0728
46 Parshall, John Henry  7 Mar 1897Albany, Albany, New York I1439
47 Quackenbush, Marytie  7 May 1684Albany, Albany, New York I01351
48 Rapalje, Sarah Jorisse  9 Jun 1625Albany, Albany, New York I11569
49 Robberts, Helena  1635Albany, Albany, New York I0490
50 Rosenkrans, Sarah  16 Sep 1776Albany, Albany, New York I11256
51 Rutgers, Elizabeth (Elsje)  Abt 1673Albany, Albany, New York I11675
52 Rutgers, Harman  Abt 1648Albany, Albany, New York I11573
53 Rutsen (Rutgers), Jacob  Abt 1650Albany, Albany, New York I11562
54 Schuyler, Anthony  20 Oct 1715Albany, Albany, New York I11658
55 Schuyler, Catharina  Abt 19 Dec 1703Albany, Albany, New York I11681
56 Schuyler, David Davidse  11 Jun 1669Albany, Albany, New York I11676
57 Swart, Neeltje  Abt 1654Albany, Albany, New York I0827
58 Swartwout, Anthony (Antoni)  Abt 11 May 1664Albany, Albany, New York I11671
59 Swartwout, Hendrickje  Abt 1659Albany, Albany, New York I11622
60 Tappen, Catryntjen  Abt 1683Albany, Albany, New York I0669
61 Tappen, Elsje Jurians  Abt 1665Albany, Albany, New York I0236
62 Van Buren, Maes Cornelisse  1640Albany, Albany, New York I27503
63 Van Buren, Styntji (Christina) Cornelissen  1645Albany, Albany, New York I27501
64 Van Buren, Tobias Cornelissen  1646Albany, Albany, New York I27502
65 Van Deusen, Robert Teuwisz  1665Albany, Albany, New York I0472
66 Van Keulen, Catryntjen Mattysen  1640Albany, Albany, New York I0607
67 Van OLinda, Elizabeth  24 Jan 1725Albany, Albany, New York I01342
68 Van Wagenen, Elizabeth Aertse  Abt 1656Albany, Albany, New York I11543
69 Van Wagenen, Gerrit Aertsen  1648Albany, Albany, New York I11473
70 Van Wagenen, Neeltje Aertsen  Abt 1647Albany, Albany, New York I11540


Matches 1 to 16 of 16

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Bogardus, Maria  10 Feb 1712Albany, Albany, New York I00931
2 Bovie, Catryna  8 Mar 1719Albany, Albany, New York I00734
3 Bovie, Francois  25 May 1713Albany, Albany, New York I00806
4 Bovie, Petrus  31 Mar 1717Albany, Albany, New York I00732
5 Bovie, Ryckert  11 Jan 1721Albany, Albany, New York I00735
6 Muller, Ariaantje  19 Jul 1696Albany, Albany, New York I0355
7 Ostrander, Rebecca  13 Jan 1706Albany, Albany, New York I2609
8 Van Deusen, Johannes  13 Jul 1690Albany, Albany, New York I2606
9 Van Deusen, Marten  21 Feb 1694Albany, Albany, New York I2616
10 Van Deusen, Mattheus  1 Nov 1691Albany, Albany, New York I2615
11 Van Deusen, Robert  1 Sep 1700Albany, Albany, New York I2617
12 Van Deusen, Tobias  16 Aug 1696Albany, Albany, New York I0345
13 Van Hoesen, Catharina  1705Albany, Albany, New York I09087
14 Vanderbeeck, Rem  2 Dec 1652Albany, Albany, New York I212
15 Vanderbeeck, Rem  2 Dec 1652Albany, Albany, New York I0657
16 Vanderbeeck, Rem Remsen  2 Dec 1652Albany, Albany, New York I02070


Matches 1 to 37 of 37

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Bloemendaal, Maas Cornelissen (Van Buren)  27 Nov 1704Albany, Albany, New York I27500
2 DeVos, Andries  Aft 1674Albany, Albany, New York I0275
3 DeVos, Cornelia  27 Feb 1657Albany, Albany, New York I0269
4 Doty, Clinton  25 Nov 1818Albany, Albany, New York I09897
5 Doty, Elijah  1803Albany, Albany, New York I01585
6 Doty, Mercy  1797Albany, Albany, New York I11198
7 Eaton, Charles  18 Dec 1850Albany, Albany, New York I0789
8 Gamble, Sheilah Elizabeth  4 Feb 1994Albany, Albany, New York I18281
9 Hoffman, Robert L.  7 Nov 1984Albany, Albany, New York I18301
10 Holden, Maude  15 Mar 1883Albany, Albany, New York I10719
11 Holden, Nellie W  29 Apr 1873Albany, Albany, New York I10726
12 Holden, Willie  6 Sep 1874Albany, Albany, New York I10727
13 Jacob, Eliza  30 Apr 1832Albany, Albany, New York I0932
14 Kellogg, Amanda  6 Jun 1880Albany, Albany, New York I0725
15 Kellogg, Jesse  10 Jan 1823Albany, Albany, New York I0840
16 Mulford, John H  20 Oct 1876Albany, Albany, New York I02270
17 Nina  20 Sep 1877Albany, Albany, New York I10716
18 Parmelee, Nathaniel  Jan 1675/76Albany, Albany, New York I0754
19 Rutgers, Elizabeth (Elsje)  1752Albany, Albany, New York I11675
20 Schuyler, Catharina  24 Sep 1775Albany, Albany, New York I11681
21 Schuyler, David Davidse  16 Dec 1715Albany, Albany, New York I11676
22 Schuyler, David Pieterse  9 Feb 1690Albany, Albany, New York I11678
23 Schuyler, David Pieterse  9 Feb 1690Albany, Albany, New York I01365
24 Schuyler, Philip Pieterse  9 Mar 1682Albany, Albany, New York I11637
25 Short, Lester Leroy (Sr)  24 Sep 1958Albany, Albany, New York I3514
26 Thomas, Hannah Dennis  25 Apr 1836Albany, Albany, New York I16702
27 Van Buuren, Hendrick Cornelissen  1683Albany, Albany, New York I27485
28 Van Keulen, Mattys Jansen  16 Oct 1648Albany, Albany, New York I0613
29 Van Schoenderwoerdt (Van Schoenderwort), Rutger  Bef 9 Dec 1665Albany, Albany, New York I11564
30 Vas, Petrus  1752Albany, Albany, New York I11657
31 Verplanck, Catalyntie  8 Oct 1708Albany, Albany, New York I11677
32 Vischer, Mabel L.  May 1977Albany, Albany, New York I5947
33 Vischer, Mabel L.  May 1977Albany, Albany, New York I13461
34 Vischer, Mabel L.  May 1977Albany, Albany, New York I24171
35 Vischer, Mabel L.  May 1977Albany, Albany, New York I14277
36 Wade, Edward  10 Jul 1890Albany, Albany, New York I01335
37 Webber, Anneke  19 May 1663Albany, Albany, New York I01383


Matches 1 to 19 of 19

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Bovie / Brouwer  24 Sep 1714Albany, Albany, New York F0346
2 Bovie / Huyck  5 Sep 1743Albany, Albany, New York F0380
3 Caljer / Van Hoesen  1689Albany, Albany, New York F336
4 Caljer / Van Hoesen  1689Albany, Albany, New York F03095
5 Davis / DeVos  1644Albany, Albany, New York F0913
6 Denslow / Parshall  22 Jan 1902Albany, Albany, New York F0459
7 Dingman / Gardinier  1669Albany, Albany, New York F0980
8 Doty / Brown  14 Nov 1848Albany, Albany, New York F07942
9 Parshall / Swaney  28 Feb 1896Albany, Albany, New York F0458
10 Schuyler / Rutgers  1 Jan 1694Albany, Albany, New York F1718
11 Swart / Van Der Linde  1649Albany, Albany, New York F0038
12 Tappen / Davis  Abt 1662Albany, Albany, New York F0898
13 Van Buren / Martense  Between 1635 and 1636Albany, Albany, New York F10070
14 Van Deusen / Robberts  1653Albany, Albany, New York F1020
15 Van Deusen / Van Benthuysen  21 Aug 1718Albany, Albany, New York F0619
16 Van Deusen / Van Buren  22 Sep 1689Albany, Albany, New York F1019
17 Van Hoesen / Slingerland  10 Jan 1701Albany, Albany, New York F04215
18 Van Hoesen / Van Schaack  7 Nov 1702Albany, Albany, New York F04216
19 Van Vechten / Michielszen  Abt 1658Albany, Albany, New York F1721

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