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Accomac County, Virginia


Tree: Gardiner

Latitude: 37.7063323, Longitude: -75.8069082


Matches 1 to 97 of 97

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ?, Jane  Accomac County, Virginia I00771
2 Addison, Elijah  Abt 1736Accomac County, Virginia I00201
3 Bradford, Abigail  Abt 1698Accomac County, Virginia I00355
4 Bradford, Ann  Abt 1700Accomac County, Virginia I00182
5 Bradford, Baley  Abt 1706Accomac County, Virginia I00177
6 Bradford, Bridget  Abt 1702Accomac County, Virginia I00198
7 Bradford, Daughter  Abt 1694Accomac County, Virginia I00352
8 Bradford, Fisher  Abt 1704Accomac County, Virginia I00181
9 Bradford, John  Abt 1708Accomac County, Virginia I00178
10 Bradford, Nathaniel  Abt 1690Accomac County, Virginia I09041
11 Bradford, Sarah  Abt 1710Accomac County, Virginia I00179
12 Bradford, Thomas  Abt 1696Accomac County, Virginia I00176
13 Coleburn, Ann  Abt 1730Accomac County, Virginia I08996
14 Coleburn, Frances  Abt 1700Accomac County, Virginia I09008
15 Coleburn, Henrietta  31 Jan 1787Accomac County, Virginia I08963
16 Coleburn, John  Abt 1728Accomac County, Virginia I08995
17 Coleburn, Mrs. Temperance  Abt 1700Accomac County, Virginia I07018
18 Coleburn, Rebecca  Abt 1693Accomac County, Virginia I09006
19 Coleburn, Revel  16 Sep 1764Accomac County, Virginia I06861
20 Coleburn, Robert  Abt 1695Accomac County, Virginia I09007
21 Coleburn, Sabrah Polk  1810Accomac County, Virginia I06860
22 Coleburn, Sabrah T.  2 Apr 1788Accomac County, Virginia I08988
23 Coleburn, Spencer  Abt 1726Accomac County, Virginia I06865
24 Coleburn, Susannah  Abt 1734Accomac County, Virginia I08999
25 Coleburn, William  Abt 1697Accomac County, Virginia I07017
26 Coleburn, William  Abt 1732Accomac County, Virginia I08997
27 Gardiner, James A  7 Aug 1804Accomac County, Virginia I0161
28 Gardiner, James A  7 Aug 1804Accomac County, Virginia I0102
29 Gardiner, James A  7 Aug 1804Accomac County, Virginia I29006
30 Gardiner, James A  7 Aug 1804Accomac County, Virginia I11577
31 Gardiner, James A  7 Aug 1804Accomac County, Virginia I00232
32 Gardiner, James A  7 Aug 1804Accomac County, Virginia I07267
33 Hamerin, Susan  Accomac County, Virginia I07016
34 Hamerin, Tamer  Abt 1720Accomac County, Virginia I08956
35 Hamerin, William  Accomac County, Virginia I00770
36 Hamerin, William  Abt 1695Accomac County, Virginia I00789
37 Parker, Abigail  Abt 1690Accomac County, Virginia I00502
38 Parker, Amy  Abt 1696Accomac County, Virginia I00505
39 Parker, Denetine (Or Director)  1766Accomac County, Virginia I06867
40 Parker, Elizabeth  Abt 1692Accomac County, Virginia I09042
41 Parker, George  Abt 1642Accomac County, Virginia I00169
42 Parker, George  Abt 1694Accomac County, Virginia I00504
43 Parker, Jonathan  Abt 1760Accomac County, Virginia I09002
44 Parker, Mary  Abt 1698Accomac County, Virginia I00507
45 Parker, William  Abt 1640Accomac County, Virginia I00478
46 Polk, Amelia  13 Oct 1782Accomac County, Virginia I08983
47 Polk, Bridget  3 Jun 1772Accomac County, Virginia I08978
48 Polk, James  4 Apr 1774Accomac County, Virginia I08979
49 Polk, Jane  5 Apr 1776Accomac County, Virginia I08980
50 Polk, John  10 Mar 1786Accomac County, Virginia I08985
51 Polk, Margaret  24 Jan 1768Accomac County, Virginia I06862
52 Polk, Martha  27 Sep 1780Accomac County, Virginia I08982
53 Polk, Nathaniel  15 May 1770Accomac County, Virginia I08977
54 Polk, Robert  2 Jun 1778Accomac County, Virginia I08981
55 Polk, Sally  13 Mar 1766Accomac County, Virginia I08976
56 Polk, William  5 Jul 1784Accomac County, Virginia I08984
57 Revell, Ann  Abt 1660Accomac County, Virginia I09119
58 Revell, Daughter  Abt 1640Accomac County, Virginia I09129
59 Revell, Hannah  Abt 1658Accomac County, Virginia I09120
60 Revell, John  Abt 1636Accomac County, Virginia I09116
61 Revell, John  Abt 1668Accomac County, Virginia I09015
62 Revell, Katherine  14 Nov 1664Accomac County, Virginia I09122
63 Revell, Rachel  1702Accomac County, Virginia I03747
64 Revell, Randall  1662Accomac County, Virginia I09121
65 Revell, Rebecca  Abt 1670Accomac County, Virginia I09001
66 Revell, Richard  Abt 1634Accomac County, Virginia I09115
67 Revell, Sarah  Oct 1667Accomac County, Virginia I09123
68 Scarborough, Sarah  Abt 1725Accomac County, Virginia I09040
69 Smith, Alice  Abt 1640Accomac County, Virginia I00164
70 Smith, Susan  Abt 1642Accomac County, Virginia I02622
71 Smith, Susannah  Accomac County, Virginia I00331
72 Twiford, Ann  9 Mar 1800Accomac County, Virginia I08952
73 Twiford, Bartholomew  Abt 1716Accomac County, Virginia I09004
74 Twiford, Bartholomew  Abt 1759Accomac County, Virginia I09556
75 Twiford, Benajah  13 Nov 1797Accomac County, Virginia I08951
76 Twiford, Bennett  12 Aug 1793Accomac County, Virginia I08950
77 Twiford, Daniel  Abt 1718Accomac County, Virginia I06870
78 Twiford, Daniel  6 Jun 1788Accomac County, Virginia I08946
79 Twiford, Edmund Wallis  2 Nov 1807Accomac County, Virginia I06859
80 Twiford, Elizabeth  29 May 1802Accomac County, Virginia I08953
81 Twiford, George  26 Feb 1753Accomac County, Virginia I06866
82 Twiford, James  Abt 1728Accomac County, Virginia I09922
83 Twiford, Jane  Abt 1696Accomac County, Virginia I09923
84 Twiford, John  Abt 1720Accomac County, Virginia I09918
85 Twiford, Jonathan  24 Mar 1787Accomac County, Virginia I08945
86 Twiford, Levin  Abt 1730Accomac County, Virginia I00778
87 Twiford, Margaret  Abt 1734Accomac County, Virginia I00782
88 Twiford, Margaret  Abt 1757Accomac County, Virginia I06613
89 Twiford, Michel  19 Mar 1792Accomac County, Virginia I08949
90 Twiford, Rachel  Abt 1724Accomac County, Virginia I00773
91 Twiford, Revel  2 Oct 1804Accomac County, Virginia I08954
92 Twiford, Robert  1755Accomac County, Virginia I09555
93 Twiford, Robert  13 Dec 1789Accomac County, Virginia I08948
94 Twiford, Sarah  Abt 1722Accomac County, Virginia I00772
95 Twiford, William  Abt 1640Accomac County, Virginia I00784
96 Twiford, William  Abt 1732Accomac County, Virginia I00779
97 Watkinson, Bridget  Abt 1723Accomac County, Virginia I09924


Matches 1 to 56 of 56

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 ?, Jane  UNKNOWNAccomac County, Virginia I00771
2 Addison, Elijah  1774Accomac County, Virginia I00201
3 Addison, Nathan  1738Accomac County, Virginia I00199
4 Bradford, Abigail  UNKNOWNAccomac County, Virginia I00355
5 Bradford, Ann  UNKNOWNAccomac County, Virginia I00182
6 Bradford, Baley  Aft 1755Accomac County, Virginia I00177
7 Bradford, Bridget  UNKNOWNAccomac County, Virginia I00198
8 Bradford, Daughter  UNKNOWNAccomac County, Virginia I00352
9 Bradford, Fisher  29 May 1764Accomac County, Virginia I00181
10 Bradford, John  30 Jun 1784Accomac County, Virginia I00178
11 Bradford, Nathaniel  28 Feb 1743Accomac County, Virginia I09041
12 Bradford, Sarah  Aft 1750Accomac County, Virginia I00179
13 Bradford, Thomas  Abt 1780Accomac County, Virginia I00176
14 Bradford, Willliam  4 Jun 1769Accomac County, Virginia I00175
15 Coleburn, Mrs. Temperance  Bef 1 Jul 1767Accomac County, Virginia I07018
16 Coleburn, Rebecca  UNKNOWNAccomac County, Virginia I09006
17 Coleburn, Robert  1698Accomac County, Virginia I09000
18 Coleburn, Robert  May 1752Accomac County, Virginia I09007
19 Coleburn, William  Bef 30 Jun 1752Accomac County, Virginia I07017
20 Hamerin, Susan  UNKNOWNAccomac County, Virginia I07016
21 Hamerin, Tamer  UNKNOWNAccomac County, Virginia I08956
22 Hamerin, William  UNKNOWNAccomac County, Virginia I00770
23 Hamerin, William  UNKNOWNAccomac County, Virginia I00789
24 Maddox, Alexander  UNKNOWNAccomac County, Virginia I00173
25 Parker, Abigail  UNKNOWNAccomac County, Virginia I00502
26 Parker, Amy  UNKNOWNAccomac County, Virginia I00505
27 Parker, Elizabeth  May 1763Accomac County, Virginia I09042
28 Parker, George  UNKNOWNAccomac County, Virginia I00504
29 Parker, George  Bef 7 Jul 1713Accomac County, Virginia I00169
30 Parker, Mary  UNKNOWNAccomac County, Virginia I00507
31 Pearce, John  1740Accomac County, Virginia I00200
32 Revell, Ann  UNKNOWNAccomac County, Virginia I09119
33 Revell, Edward  1681Accomac County, Virginia I09013
34 Revell, Hannah  UNKNOWNAccomac County, Virginia I09120
35 Revell, John  UNKNOWNAccomac County, Virginia I09116
36 Revell, John  1727Accomac County, Virginia I09015
37 Revell, Katherine  1723Accomac County, Virginia I09122
38 Revell, Rachel  UNKNOWNAccomac County, Virginia I03747
39 Revell, Randall  1718Accomac County, Virginia I09121
40 Revell, Sarah  UNKNOWNAccomac County, Virginia I09123
41 Scarborough, Sarah  Bef 26 Jan 1795Accomac County, Virginia I09040
42 Smith, Richard  Bef 31 Jan 1658/59Accomac County, Virginia I00167
43 Smith, Susan  1666Accomac County, Virginia I02622
44 Twiford, Bartholomew  UNKNOWNAccomac County, Virginia I09004
45 Twiford, Bartholomew  UNKNOWNAccomac County, Virginia I09556
46 Twiford, Bartholomew  Bef 27 Feb 1759Accomac County, Virginia I07015
47 Twiford, Daniel  Bef 26 Oct 1779Accomac County, Virginia I06870
48 Twiford, James  Bef 1 Feb 1786Accomac County, Virginia I09922
49 Twiford, Jane  UNKNOWNAccomac County, Virginia I09923
50 Twiford, John  1798Accomac County, Virginia I09918
51 Twiford, Levin  UNKNOWNAccomac County, Virginia I00778
52 Twiford, Margaret  UNKNOWNAccomac County, Virginia I00782
53 Twiford, Rachel  UNKNOWNAccomac County, Virginia I00773
54 Twiford, Robert  1812Accomac County, Virginia I09555
55 Twiford, Sarah  UNKNOWNAccomac County, Virginia I00772
56 Welburn, Elizabeth  Bef 1659Accomac County, Virginia I00168


Matches 1 to 35 of 35

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Addison / Bradford  Accomac County, Virginia F00132
2 Addison / Bradford  Abt 1721Accomac County, Virginia F00126
3 Armitrader / Bradford  Abt 1723Accomac County, Virginia F00234
4 Bell / Bradford  Abt 1725Accomac County, Virginia F00111
5 Bonewell / Bradford  Abt 1730Accomac County, Virginia F00116
6 Bradford / ?  Abt 1730Accomac County, Virginia F00110
7 Bradford / Bensten  Abt 1738Accomac County, Virginia F00109
8 Bradford / Franklin  Abt 1675Accomac County, Virginia F00098
9 Bradford / Lecatt  Accomac County, Virginia F00101
10 Bradford / Melichops  Abt 1730Accomac County, Virginia F00113
11 Bradford / Scarborough  1747Accomac County, Virginia F00131
12 Budd / Franklin  Abt 1692Accomac County, Virginia F00100
13 Coleburn / Revell  Abt 1678Accomac County, Virginia F04204
14 Gascoyne / Bradford  Accomac County, Virginia F00233
15 Hutson / Parker  Accomac County, Virginia F00323
16 Johnson / Bradford  Accomac County, Virginia F00114
17 Laufbury / Parker  Accomac County, Virginia F00322
18 Laylor / Bradford  Accomac County, Virginia F00115
19 Lingo / Twiford  Accomac County, Virginia F00449
20 Lingo / Twiford  Accomac County, Virginia F00451
21 Pearce / Bradford  Abt 1739Accomac County, Virginia F00127
22 Revell / Ballard  Oct 1682Accomac County, Virginia F04232
23 Revell / Hall  Accomac County, Virginia F04231
24 Richardson / Smith  Accomac County, Virginia F00221
25 Twiford / Bradford  Abt 1741Accomac County, Virginia F00128
26 Twiford / Burton  Accomac County, Virginia F04535
27 Twiford / Dix  1750Accomac County, Virginia F00453
28 Twiford / Nicholson  Accomac County, Virginia F00455
29 Twiford / Parker  1786Accomac County, Virginia F03327
30 Twiford / Rogers  Accomac County, Virginia F00452
31 Twiford / Watkinson  Accomac County, Virginia F00454
32 Upshur / Revell  Abt 1725Accomac County, Virginia F02014
33 Warrington / Parker  Accomac County, Virginia F00324
34 West / Revell  22 Apr 1688Accomac County, Virginia F04233
35 Wise / Twiford  Accomac County, Virginia F00456

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