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Long Island Surnames

Database archives of Long Island Genealogy containing 3,247,336 people, 1,228,990 families, 172,852 sources and 255,346 notes




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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Mary  Bef 1830Ca I09125
2 Barnes, Amanda  28 Aug 1900CA I06949
3 Bascom, John D.  Aft 1904CA I12303
4 Bascom, Paul N.  1906CA I12302
5 Brush, Annie W.  Jun 1860Ca I01303
6 Brush, Clinton A.  16 May 1892Ca I00968
7 Champion, John C.  1863CA I0046
8 Crawford, Marshall Monas  14 Feb 1878Ca I34312
9 Donaldson, Pamela Marie  19 Jan 1959CA I2924
10 Eckstrom, Edna C.  16 Jan 1883CA I12023
11 Erskine, Herbert Wilson  27 Aug 1888CA I15769
12 Erskine, Melville C.  Aug 1880CA I15781
13 Erskine, Morse  18 Dec 1895CA I15772
14 Erskine, Nellie Morse  7 Nov 1886CA I15774
15 Erskine, Richard G.  May 1883CA I15780
16 Ferguson, Robert F.  Abt 1925CA I15698
17 Georgina  Abt 1892Ca I04837
18 Green, Edwin  6 May 1894Ca I16341
19 Green, Gladys Henrietta  28 Dec 1901Ca I16358
20 Green, Maxwell Talbot  19 Aug 1888Ca I16336
21 Green, Naomi  31 Jan 1892Ca I16337
22 Halford, Bertha Maxine  15 Jul 1923CA I08059
23 Halford, James Whitfield  11 Mar 1917CA I07002
24 Halford, Jesse Frank  23 Dec 1901CA I07000
25 Halford, Mary Hester  13 Dec 1898CA I12724
26 Halford, Ruth  14 Feb 1918CA I05819
27 Halford, Zeta E  Sep 1896CA I12973
28 Heaton, Roberta Lou  15 Sep 1902CA I04528
29 Hicks, Donald Stokes  27 Oct 1918CA I11307
30 Hicks, Evelyn N  11 Dec 1916CA I11306
31 Lindley, Bayless Bartlett  29 Mar 1900CA I16284
32 Lindley, Charles Rector  1904CA I16285
33 Martin, Jesse  Abt 1858Ca I00969
34 Matthews, David Bruce  Ca I1036
35 Meyers, Elsie Mary  1916Ca I19703
36 Nesbitt, Mary A.  Aug 1860Ca I34369
37 Parten, James Orville  23 Mar 1912CA I0445
38 Parten, James Orville  23 Mar 1912Ca I14189
39 Parten, James Orville  23 Mar 1912CA I10218
40 Parten, James Orville  23 Mar 1912Ca I26811
41 Parten, James Orville  23 Mar 1912CA I09703
42 Ransome, Arthur Wilfrid  4 Apr 1875CA I0195
43 Ray, John  Bef 1830Ca I09124
44 Reger, Ronald Hal  30 Jun 1950CA I12698
45 Rhodes, Susan JoAnn  23 Feb 1931CA I08007
46 Stout, Millie Gathleen  31 Aug 1943CA I07310
47 Stubbs, John Henry  4 Aug 1918Ca I01983
48 Testa, Peter Leslie  12 Feb 1951CA I05525
49 Tuttle, Lewis Franklin  29 Oct 1874CA I1546
50 Tuttle, Lewis Franklin  29 Oct 1874CA I33918
51 Tuttle, Rosanna Belle  Mar 1877CA I1547
52 Tuttle, Rosanna Belle  Mar 1877CA I33919
53 Unknown, Helen  1891CA I16874
54 Ware, Lewis H.  31 Mar 1903CA I15591
55 Whiting, Clifford Ray  15 Oct 1945CA I08065
56 Whomes, Clarence  23 Jan 1889CA I25631
57 Woodbury, Aileen L.  Abt 1920CA I04922
58 Woodbury, Albert Francis  1 Jul 1909CA I04923
59 Woodbury, Edward S.  11 May 1879CA I04924
60 Young, Andrew Jackson  Abt 1862Ca I00937
61 Young, Catherine  Ca I00939
62 Young, Martha Jane  Ca I00936


Matches 1 to 100 of 140

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Arnold, Helen Caroline  18 Sep 1875CA I14761
2 Baker, Leonilla C.  30 May 1950Ca I8008
3 Baker, Martha Sherwood  8 May 1929CA I5990
4 Barnard, Catherine A.  Aft 1900CA I31482
5 Baxter, Otto  Dec 1953CA I12557
6 Bentley, Mary  UNKNOWNCA I01498
7 Blagg, Helen Lorainne  25 Feb 1949CA I12467
8 Bolling, Mary Emma  1943Ca I2838
9 Bradford, William  UNKNOWNCa I5106
10 Bradford, William  UNKNOWNCA I00190
11 Branning, Emory J.  UNKNOWNCa I0833
12 Brokaw, George  May 1855Ca I279
13 Burchfield, Loyal  5 Feb 1995Ca I07615
14 Burchfield, Loyal  5 Feb 1995CA I09098
15 Burchfield, Loyal  5 Feb 1995CA I09090
16 Chadeayne, Joseph Marshall  23 Jun 1943Ca I0212
17 Chadeayne, Joseph Marshall  23 Jun 1943Ca I07900
18 Chesebrough, Luke  17 Oct 1853Ca I02448
19 Chesebrough, Luke  17 Oct 1853Ca I10113
20 Clemons, Helen Aleana  Bef 1934CA I11775
21 Curtis, Myron Granville  1929CA I10289
22 Dennie, Clark  Abt 1960CA I04110
23 Denton, Ellen  1950Ca I07764
24 Denton, Ellen  1950CA I09246
25 Denton, Ellen  1950CA I09238
26 Dierkhising, Mark  UNKNOWNCa I02670
27 Dodge, Dephina Ione  1936CA I06173
28 Dodge, Myrtle E.  25 Dec 1908CA I18032
29 Dominy, Ethel  1972Ca I01619
30 Evans, Mabel  UNKNOWNCA I07596
31 Foster, Jesse Pendleton  UNKNOWNCa I09296
32 Fuller, Helen  1925Ca I0787
33 Fuller, Sarah L.  Aft 1944Ca I0708
34 Gray, Sarah Alice  20 Jan 1954Ca I34253
35 Gray, Walter Leroy  15 Dec 1994CA I09868
36 Halford, Benjamin Franklin  Aft 1880CA I04486
37 Hargis, Andrew Marion  15 May 1929CA I05887
38 Heald, Isabella G.  Apr 1872CA I24106
39 Hutchins, Max Delwin  4 Jul 1983Ca I0961
40 Ivey, John Henry  Abt 1958Ca I01883
41 Jones, Lena  21 Feb 1975Ca I00920
42 Lamson, Earl Jerome  1904CA I05332
43 Lillie, Mabel Florence  UNKNOWNCa I2226
44 Loveland, Ransom Noble  1850Ca I09566
45 Lundy, Manning Force  26 Jun 1922CA I08604
46 Mayhew, Hilda Pauline  16 Dec 1968CA I10421
47 McLerran, Martha Alice  19 Nov 1911Ca I09369
48 Mclerran, Martha Alice  19 Nov 1911CA I06586
49 Mclerran, Martha Alice  19 Nov 1911CA I1654
50 McLerran, Martha Alice  19 Nov 1911Ca I23215
51 Mclerran, Martha Alice  19 Nov 1911CA I06070
52 McLerran, Mary Elizabeth  Abt 1918Ca I09366
53 Mclerran, Mary Elizabeth  Abt 1918CA I06583
54 Mclerran, Mary Elizabeth  Abt 1918CA I1651
55 McLerran, Mary Elizabeth  Abt 1918Ca I23212
56 Mclerran, Mary Elizabeth  Abt 1918CA I06067
57 Meyers, Elsie Mary  Abt 1970Ca I19703
58 Meyers, Hosea Raymond  Abt 1950Ca I19704
59 Meyers, Roy Evert  10 Sep 1928Ca I19701
60 Morman, Fred H. Jr.  UNKNOWNCa I2227
61 Morman, Frederich Henry Jr.  UNKNOWNCa I1279
62 Newsom, Elva Gladys  Abt 1925Ca I02116
63 Ober, Andrew Woodbury  1857CA I31677
64 Olson, Edward Lawrence  27 Oct 1984Ca I19782
65 Parten, Grant Eugene  4 Dec 1992CA I0448
66 Parten, Grant Eugene  4 Dec 1992Ca I14192
67 Parten, Grant Eugene  4 Dec 1992CA I10221
68 Parten, Grant Eugene  4 Dec 1992Ca I26814
69 Parten, Grant Eugene  4 Dec 1992CA I09706
70 Pickett, Lucian Birchett  27 May 1961Ca I19695
71 Platt, Phebe Parmelia  24 Mar 1885Ca I00631
72 Platt, Warren Cumming  31 Mar 1963Ca I00860
73 Plumlee, Hazel Juanita  UNKNOWNCa I12308
74 Plumlee, Hazel Juanita  UNKNOWNCA I09194
75 Plumlee, Hazel Juanita  UNKNOWNCA I2276
76 Plumlee, Hazel Juanita  UNKNOWNCa I25817
77 Plumlee, Hazel Juanita  UNKNOWNCA I08678
78 Plumlee, Kermit  UNKNOWNCa I10982
79 Plumlee, Kermit  UNKNOWNCA I07867
80 Plumlee, Kermit  UNKNOWNCA I0961
81 Plumlee, Kermit  UNKNOWNCa I24494
82 Plumlee, Kermit  UNKNOWNCA I07351
83 Plumlee, Myrtle  UNKNOWNCa I10983
84 Plumlee, Myrtle  UNKNOWNCA I07868
85 Plumlee, Myrtle  UNKNOWNCA I0962
86 Plumlee, Myrtle  UNKNOWNCa I24495
87 Plumlee, Myrtle  UNKNOWNCA I07352
88 Randolph, Edward Crowell Fitz  1908Ca I3599
89 Randolph, Jacob Fitz  22 Jan 1850Ca I3567
90 Raymond, Charles W.  Aft 1930CA I15393
91 Raymond, Ella B.  Aft 1920CA I15397
92 Raymond, Ruth Cleveland  Aft 1940CA I15425
93 Raynor, Bruce  CA I48992
94 Raynor, Bruce  CA I3568
95 Raynor, Bruce  CA I6895
96 Raynor, Bruce  CA I27869
97 Raynor, Bruce  CA I19486
98 Raynor, Bruce  CA I24035
99 Raynor, Bruce  CA I30779
100 Raynor, Bruce  CA I09606

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Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Washburn, Chester Austin III  Ca I11403


Matches 1 to 10 of 10

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Halford / Smith  1962CA F1941
2 Rutherford / Enslow  29 Apr 1911CA F3878
3 Rutherford / Enslow  29 Apr 1911CA F4060
4 Rutherford / Enslow  29 Apr 1911Ca F05801
5 Rutherford / Enslow  29 Apr 1911Ca F09936
6 Rutherford / Lewis  24 May 1874CA F3877
7 Rutherford / Lewis  24 May 1874CA F4059
8 Rutherford / Lewis  24 May 1874Ca F05800
9 Rutherford / Lewis  24 May 1874Ca F09935
10 Stagg / Brock  20 Mar 1955Ca F02348

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