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Babylon Rural Cemetery



Matches 1 to 100 of 141

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 A, Edith  Babylon Rural Cemetery I01476
2 Albin, Phebe  Babylon Rural Cemetery I01080
3 Baldwin, Catherine  Babylon Rural Cemetery I01026
4 Baldwin, Cornelia  Babylon Rural Cemetery I00495
5 Baldwin, Hetty  Babylon Rural Cemetery I01025
6 Barto, Emma Louise  Babylon Rural Cemetery I00664
7 Barto, Frances Sarah  Babylon Rural Cemetery I00900
8 Bedell, Ichabod  Babylon Rural Cemetery I00004
9 Brewster, Mehitable  Babylon Rural Cemetery I00039
10 Brown, Emily  Babylon Rural Cemetery I00654
11 Brown, Georgianna  Babylon Rural Cemetery I00606
12 Brown, Louisa J  Babylon Rural Cemetery I02825
13 Brown, Susan Amelia  Babylon Rural Cemetery I00605
14 Brown, William Weeks  Babylon Rural Cemetery I00541
15 Burling, Phebe Maria  Babylon Rural Cemetery I01028
16 Burton, Charles W  Babylon Rural Cemetery I02531
17 C, Margaret  Babylon Rural Cemetery I04648
18 Davis, Ethel Agnes  Babylon Rural Cemetery I04147
19 Davis, Oscar Sammis  Babylon Rural Cemetery I04136
20 Davis, Oscar Smith  Babylon Rural Cemetery I04146
21 Dow, Daniel  Babylon Rural Cemetery I10791
22 Dow, Jacob  Babylon Rural Cemetery I10790
23 Driggs, Clarence S  Babylon Rural Cemetery I05134
24 Duryea, Stephen Conklin  Babylon Rural Cemetery I08760
25 Edwards, John  Babylon Rural Cemetery I00355
26 Edwards, John Franklin  Babylon Rural Cemetery I02239
27 Edwards, Mabel H  Babylon Rural Cemetery I02584
28 Edwards, William Avery  Babylon Rural Cemetery I00671
29 Fleet, Charles E  Babylon Rural Cemetery I00834
30 Fleet, Jeremiah  Babylon Rural Cemetery I01039
31 France, J.  Babylon Rural Cemetery I06344
32 Frost, Charles C  Babylon Rural Cemetery I01137
33 Frost, Edgar V  Babylon Rural Cemetery I04237
34 Frost, Emery E  Babylon Rural Cemetery I04448
35 Frost, John S  Babylon Rural Cemetery I04229
36 Frost, Townsend  Babylon Rural Cemetery I04213
37 Furman, Epenetus  Babylon Rural Cemetery I00847
38 Gilbert, Iola  Babylon Rural Cemetery I00956
39 Griswald, Irene S  Babylon Rural Cemetery I04404
40 Haff, Howell William  Babylon Rural Cemetery I04645
41 Hawkins, Louise Rowland  Babylon Rural Cemetery I02861
42 Hawkins, Marilla Adelle  Babylon Rural Cemetery I01407
43 Hendrickson, Charles S  Babylon Rural Cemetery I00099
44 Hendrickson, Georgiana  Babylon Rural Cemetery I03325
45 Heyen, John Howard  Babylon Rural Cemetery I05231
46 Howell, Henrietta E  Babylon Rural Cemetery I01053
47 Kellum, Amy Ann  Babylon Rural Cemetery I00954
48 Kellum, Augusta  Babylon Rural Cemetery I00946
49 Kellum, Charlotte  Babylon Rural Cemetery I00940
50 Kellum, Chester E  Babylon Rural Cemetery I08930
51 Kellum, Emma Lucinda  Babylon Rural Cemetery I02826
52 Kellum, Epenetus  Babylon Rural Cemetery I06721
53 Kellum, Everett  Babylon Rural Cemetery I04644
54 Kellum, Franklin D  Babylon Rural Cemetery I00953
55 Kellum, George H  Babylon Rural Cemetery I08929
56 Kellum, Ira  Babylon Rural Cemetery I06722
57 Kellum, Lillian  Babylon Rural Cemetery I04643
58 Kellum, Lucinda  Babylon Rural Cemetery I05541
59 Kellum, Mary  Babylon Rural Cemetery I00960
60 Kellum, Phillip  Babylon Rural Cemetery I00962
61 Kellum, Treadwell Bedell  Babylon Rural Cemetery I00948
62 Kellum, William Smith  Babylon Rural Cemetery I00955
63 Ketcham, Anne E  Babylon Rural Cemetery I00670
64 Ketcham, Mabel  Babylon Rural Cemetery I02615
65 Kirchoff, Katherine C  Babylon Rural Cemetery I00959
66 Lane, Georgia A  Babylon Rural Cemetery I03496
67 Leek, Martha Ann  Babylon Rural Cemetery I04180
68 Leek, Ruth  Babylon Rural Cemetery I10788
69 Leek, Sarah Ann  Babylon Rural Cemetery I01007
70 M, Gertrude  Babylon Rural Cemetery I00838
71 Mott, Catherine  Babylon Rural Cemetery I00947
72 Mott, Charles William  Babylon Rural Cemetery I01412
73 Mott, Frank E  Babylon Rural Cemetery I05478
74 Muncy, Lena B  Babylon Rural Cemetery I01501
75 Muncy, Ruth Ella  Babylon Rural Cemetery I01497
76 Muncy, Silas  Babylon Rural Cemetery I00728
77 Muncy, Silas Weeks  Babylon Rural Cemetery I00730
78 Nancy  Babylon Rural Cemetery I02542
79 Newton, Amy Eliza  Babylon Rural Cemetery I02080
80 Nichols, Sarah Ann  Babylon Rural Cemetery I10784
81 Oakley, Eliphalet  Babylon Rural Cemetery I00040
82 Oakley, Hannah  Babylon Rural Cemetery I08761
83 Oakley, Ira  Babylon Rural Cemetery I01079
84 Oakley, Israel  Babylon Rural Cemetery I00462
85 Oakley, John Daniel  Babylon Rural Cemetery I02576
86 Oakley, John Henry  Babylon Rural Cemetery I01014
87 Oakley, John Milton  Babylon Rural Cemetery I00089
88 Oakley, John Raymond  Babylon Rural Cemetery I08962
89 Oakley, Miles  Babylon Rural Cemetery I00047
90 Oakley, Nathaniel Thomas  Babylon Rural Cemetery I01015
91 Oakley, Sarah E  Babylon Rural Cemetery I05135
92 Phebe  Babylon Rural Cemetery I05152
93 Rowland, Louisa Augusta  Babylon Rural Cemetery I02862
94 Ruland, Anna  Babylon Rural Cemetery I00335
95 Sammis, Benjamin Franklin  Babylon Rural Cemetery I01216
96 Sammis, Mary W  Babylon Rural Cemetery I08546
97 Sammis, Rebecca F  Babylon Rural Cemetery I00652
98 Sammis, Sarah Ann  Babylon Rural Cemetery I00951
99 Searle, Charles  Babylon Rural Cemetery I08981
100 Searle, Charles Kempton  Babylon Rural Cemetery I09041

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