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Thomas Bradford

Male Abt 1737 - 1847  (~ 110 years)

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  • Name Thomas Bradford 
    Born Abt 1737  Halifax Co, NC Find all individuals with events at this location 
    Gender Male 
    Died 4 Nov 1847  Hancock Co., GA Find all individuals with events at this location 
    • [bradfordDB.GED]


      NOTES: Thoma's will dated May 23, 1761, mentions his loving wife Mary,
      sons William, Henry, Richard, Nathaniel, and Thomas Jr., and daughters
      Edith, Sarah, and Elizabeth. THis will is on record in Jackson, NC."

      Thomas Harton was neighbor of Thomas Bradford along with William
      Washington and Charles Abercrombie who were next to the 79 acrs grant
      That's great. I believe Lott Harton's daughter married into the King
      John Monroe King is my wife's ggrandfather and he married a Harton.

      my address is:Jim Willoughby, 101 Meriwether Circle, N.W. Milledgeville,
      GA. 31061.>

      I have several deeds and some other printed info I can send you send me
      >your address and I willake you some copies Please keep me informed. What
      >know now is Thomas Harthorn/Hawthorn/ Harton was in Hancock co Ga and
      had a
      >land ownership that was next to Thomas Bradford and William Washington he
      >died and the sons Lott and I believe William got the land I will send
      >the stuff send me the address
      >Jim Willoughby wrote:
      >> Terry,
      >> Do you have any specific data you could send me. I am just beginning
      >> KING/HARTON side (wife) and don't know where to begin? I have a few
      >> marriages of Hartons and Kings in Hancock Co. GA., but that's about it.
      >> thanks for your help,
      >> jim
      >> >I am working on The Bradford Family and they are related to Harton ,
      >> >Thomas and Lott the Harthorn/Harton s owned the land next to Bradford
      >> >The Hartons are married into the Warrens and I believe the various
      >> >families in the area were intermarried
      >> >
      >> >Terry
      >> >
      Re: WARREN of Hancock Co., GA
      Sun, 30 Aug 1998 23:22:44 -0500
      "Ron Head"
      "Terry Fregly"

      Jesse WARREN came from Dinwiddie Co., VA, if that helps.

      Best regards,

      Ron Head (Montgomery, AL)

      Examination of the deed records of Halifax Co, NC reveal several
      tantalizing references to Thomas Bradford and his wife Sarah.

      The first is recorded in Deed Book 9 page 870 (44)

      Thomas BRADFORD and Sarah his wife of Halifax Co., NC to Jonathan
      CARPENTER of same. 16 Jan 1764. 30 pounds proclamation money . 100 acres
      which was part of land acquired by Benjamin MERRIT then conveyed to
      Thomas BRADFORD and from BRADFORD to CARPENTER, joining Chocuit [creek].
      Thomas BRADFORD(X), Sarah Bradford (X) . Wit: Ruben ROZAR, Martha
      KNIGHT(X) . Recorded Jan Court 1764 CC: J. MONTFORT.

      Several items are noted:
      1. Thomas BRADFORD is selling, this entry when taken with the
      following one may indicate the family was selling their land in
      anticipation of leaving North Carolina.

      2. Thomas and his wife Sarah both make their mark and therefor are
      illiterate. Thomas Bradford , Sr. who dies in Hancock Co., Ga also makes
      his mark and is illiterate .

      3. Thomas BRADFORD does not appear in the records of Georgia until 1785
      and therefor could be the same Bradford as that person who deeds land in
      Halifax co, NC (above) as he and his wife Sarah are not found in any
      other census records of North Carolina after the deed in 1768.

      The second deed is recorded in book 10, page 1368 (238) of the Halifax
      Co., NC official records.

      Thomas BRADFORD of Halifax co. to James MOORE of same. 13 Aug 1768. 30
      pounds. 45 acs which was a part of a patent to David ROZAR, on Roanoke
      River, Joining Richard MOORE, Saxen's Branch. Thomas BRADFORD(X) Sarah
      BRADFORD(X) wit: Thomas Douglas IRBY, Charles Moore, James LETT. Aug
      Court 1768. Examined by James HOGUN , Esq. Sarah BRADFORD relinquished
      her dower. CC: Jos. MONTFORT.

      Items Noted:

      1. Thomas and Sarah BRADFORD both make their mark (X) and can be
      concluded to be illiterate.

      2. There is a definite connection to the ROZARs , David appears in the
      1768 deed and Ruben ROZAR in the 1764 deed. Do they also surface in
      Middle Ga.?

      3. The mention of SAXEN'S branch(1768 deed ) and CHOCUIT creek (1764 deed
      ) would indicate the need for additional research to determine if there
      are other ownership of parcels along these water courses that may connect
      other families. Who may have migrated together to Middle Georgia.

      Listed in the records of Halifax CO, NC are additional references to
      deeds into or out of subsequent purchasers of the above parcels 100 acs
      on Chocuit creek and 45 acs on Saxen's branch.

      These are listed below:

      1155(425) John BRADFORD of Halifax Co. to Cornelius CARTER of same. 9 (no
      month) 1767. 80 pounds of Virginia . 300 acres which has been patented
      by Robert WEST, where Jacob CARTER now lives, joining Beaverdam [swamp} ,
      Richard JONES(X). Jan court 1767. CC: J. MONTFORT

      1. Could the Thomas HART listed as neighbor be the same person as Thomas
      HARTON? HARTHORE/HAWTHORNE, that is a neighbor of Thomas BRADFORD shown
      on the plat of a land grant to Thomas BRADFORD on14 Jan 1796 in Hancock
      Co., Ga.

      2. Do any of these neighbors migrate with Thomas BRADFORD to Middle GA .
      Re: warren
      Sat, 29 Aug 1998 17:30:43 -0700
      "Joe & Laura Schmidt"
      "Terry Fregly"

      I have no Bradfords, but Jesse Warren (b 1747 d 10 Feb 1827) was my gr gr
      gr grandfather. His wife was Elizabeth (maiden name unknown). She was
      Dinwiddie Co, VA (born about 1751 died in 2 July 1838) . Jeremiah was
      eldest son. Was she maybe a Bradford? Jeremiah was born between 1770 and
      1775 and died a single man in 1832. If possible, can I get a copy of the
      will? Passing on your info to Mr. Head, who has researched this family
      extensively. Thanks.
      ------------------Tax digest listings for Thomas Bradford, Sr and Jr and
      Hosea Bradford

      Year County Name
      Size Capt Dstc/Page Water course
      Adjacent/granted to

      1785 Wilkes Hosea BRADFORD ---------
      Alexander -----------------

      1786 Wilkes Thomas Bradford, SR ----------
      Caller -----------------

      1790 Wilkes Thomas BRADFORD, SR ---------
      Freeman Listed as defaulter

      1788 Greene Thomas BADFORD, Sr ---------
      Alexander Listed as with 1 poles, no
      land, no slaves

      1789 Greene Thomas BRADFORD, SR
      Alexander's/005 Listed with 1 Pole , No land or

      1793 Greene Thomas BRADFORD 200 acs
      Tully Choice Log Dam Creek William
      Here we see 200 Acs where did he get it and from whom and who bought it
      and when?

      1793 Greene William Washington 2871/2
      Tully Choice Log Dam Creek Thomas

      1796 Hancock Thomas BRADFORD, SR 79acs
      LogDam Creek W.

      1796 Hancock E. Bradford
      ------------------------- -----------------------
      there is some confusion if this is 1796 or 1794 list, the title of
      original in Hancock Co is 1796

      1794 Hancock Hosea BRADFORD
      -------- Brown/041
      -------------------------- -----------------

      1794 Hancock Thomas BRADFORD, Sr 79acs
      Brown/041 Log Dam Creek
      The orginal list on file in Hancock Co, GA is titled 1794

      1794 Hancock Thomas BRADFORD, Sr 224 acs
      ? Log Dam Creek W Wash
      This is titles 1794 Hancock but needs to be verified

      where did Bradford get the
      224 acs and when and to whom did he sell it?

      1802 Hancock Thomas BRADFORD, Sr 79 acs
      Lewis Log Dam Creek

      1802 Hancock Thomas HENSON
      ------------ Lewis
      ------------------------- -----------------/-----------
      Son in law of Bradford

      1804 Hancock Thomas BRADFORD, Sr 79acs
      Lewis/180 Log Dam Creek
      ----------------/ Self
      Need to verify above for adjacent to and water courseand Henson and

      1804 Hancock Thomas HENSON ?
      Lewis/082 ?

      1805 Hancock Thomas BRADFORD, Sr 2 draws

      Land Lottery

      1805 Hancock Barbara BRADFORD 2 draws

      Could be widow of Hosea
      Bradford, named in 1799/1800 will as Barbry

      1806 Columbia James AMOS
      ? Armstrong ?

      1806 Hancock Lena BRADFORD 1
      draw Capt Weeks she was single and over 21
      Years old
      Later marries James
      Named Lena Amos in Thomas,
      Sr will

      1806 Hancock Thomas BRADFORD, Sr 2 draws
      Capt Weeks Married man w/wife or minor children

      1808 Hancock Thomas BRADFORD? 127 acs
      Harper Log Dam Creek
      Could be Jr

      1808 Hancock Thomas BRADFORD?
      132acs/Putnam Harper Oconee
      Could be Jr

      1808 Hancock Thomas BRADFORD,Sr 79acs
      Harper Logdam Creek
      Dies,Hancock Co, June

      1808 Hancock James SAVAGE
      187 1/2 ? Island

      3 July 1810 --- Hancock Co., GA. Recorded, 6 April 1819.
      Hamilton COOK, Sheriff and Samuel BUTTS and John CHAMBERS $206 -
      Execution from Superior court Hancock Co., GA. Writ Dated , 25 Feb 1810
      - Andrew JETER Plaintiff and James SAVAGE and Thomas BRADFORD,
      Defendants. Parcel conveyed was 187 acs, Big Island Creek. AS shown
      in deed from John REID to James COMER, adjoining lands of John BARRON
      Wit: Hugh TAYLOR and Maxwell CHAMBERS

      9 Feb 1808 Recorded--- 9 Oct 1809, Hancock Co., GA---- Book "I", pg
      James COMER to James SAVAGE, $350 for 114 3/4 acs, Bound on North by
      "Late" John BARRON'S , West by Henry BONDS, Southwest by C or J
      McDONALD's and John REID's land.
      Wit: John BARRON, Samuel TRIPPE

      25 Sept 1807 Recorded--- 18 Jan 1822, Hancock Co, GA
      James SAVAGE Grantor of Hancock CO, GA to John ARNOLD, Grantee of
      Hancock Co., Ga. ) $260 for 60 acs, on Big Island Creek. Boundary and
      abutting as mentioned in Deed from John SMITH to James SOCKWELL (* deed
      not found in public records) Wit. John HERBERT, Bolling HALL. J.P.

      1812 Putnam Thomas BRADFORD, Jr 129acs
      Rosser Oconee

      1812 Hancock Thomas HENSON
      79acs Harper Log Dam Creek
      Harton/ BRADFORD

      Deed to Henson on June 11 1811

      1812 Hancock James AMOS/AMOSS 150
      Harper Log Dam Creek
      Loyd/ -------

      1812 Hancock Timothy BRADFORD
      ----------- Harper
      --------------------- --------/---------

      1813 Putnam Thomas BRADFORD, Jr
      182acs Rosser Oconee
      -------/ Thrash

      1813 Putnam James SAVAGE
      Apr 3 1812 Putnam Co., GA, Deed Book " B", Pg 314-5 James SAVAGE
      to Joshua S. TERNIUM , both of Putnam Co., GA. $2,000 for 47 acs in 2nd
      District 356 and 83 acs in 366 (130 acs total) being in Baldwin (Now
      Putnam Co., GA)

      1815 Putnam Thomas BRADFORD, Jr
      130acs Rosser Oconee
      It would appear Savage
      deeded the 130/129 acs to Bradford
      ADJ. / Grantor

      1815 Putnam James SAVAGE
      ------------- Rosser ------------

      1822 Baldwin Thomas Madison BRADFORD
      ? M. Henson ------------

      Thomas Bradford
      Mon, 28 Sep 1998 13:13:59 EDT

      Dear Terry,
      In reply to your email of 9/25/98, I plan to be in town 22 & 23 October,
      that is too far away to offer to meet you at GDAH. My schedule is more or
      day by day.
      It is not likely that Thomas Bradford's grant for 79 acres is Hancock was
      any military service. More than likely, he appeared before the Hancock
      Land Court and petitioned for headright land. The Surveyor General's Dept
      GDAH may have a Warrant for Survey, and for sure will have a Plat of the
      property in the Plat Books, since no grant could be signed by the Governor
      until the plat was recorded.
      A listing of a Person Subject to Taxation following another of the same
      in most Tax Records is indicative of two persons. For those few tax
      that were alphabetized, the same would apply. If the amount of tax due or
      paid, shown in the far right column is combined into one figure, then the
      Person's name was just repeated. But if there are two separate amounts
      one for each Person, then you can count on there being two persons with
      same name. If one returned a Poll, land and/or slaves and the other
      only a Poll, the likehood is that they are father and son.
      Is this the Thomas Bradford family that ended up at Atmore, AL? I have a
      connection to them, in that my brother married Mary Ed Bradford, daughter
      Dr. Thomas Bradford.
      Take no issue for a deed not found. Many families did not record
      between members of the family. It was the responsibility of the Buyer to
      record the deed, not the Seller.
      By the way, my question had to do with the year, district, and page of the
      Hancock record, so I could go right to it when I was at GDAH again. It is
      now, since you are coming to Atlanta. Good Luck Frank Parker Hudson

      Bradford Land Grants, Middle GA
      (From Hefnie)


      Index to Grants, Head Rights, GA #465071

      John BRADFORD St. Andrew
      250 Vol. F-339 1767
      William BRADFORD S.C .Great Satilla & Alatamahal
      3000 Vol. K-15 1763
      William BRADFORD Wilkes
      200 Vol. K3-311 1786
      Nathaniel BRADFORD Wilkes
      200 Vol. T3-3 1790
      Archibald BRADFORD Jackson
      310 Vol. P5-566 1826
      Archibald BRADFORD Jackson
      112 Vol. P5-567 1826
      Samuel BRADFORD Oglethorpe
      100 Vol. P5-826 1827
      Richard BRADFORD Wilkes
      35 Vol. X5-465 1851

      List of Lottery Names, GA, 1805-6 LDS Film #194353

      #1026 Barbara BRADFORD Hancock Co.
      #1690 Richard BRADFORD Oglethorphe Co.
      #1740 Nathaniel BRADFORD Oglethorphe Co.
      #1763 Joseph BRADFORD Oglethorphe Co.
      # Bartholomew BRADFORD Wilkes Co.

      Headright Surveys, GA, Index Plat LDS Film #465015

      Nathaniel BRADFORD Wilkes Co. 200 Broad
      River 1784 H-232
      Osiah BRADFORD Franklin Co. 287 Sandy
      Creek 1784 R-26
      Thomas BRADFORD Hancock Co. 79 Log Dam
      Creek 1795 BB-169
      Archibald BRADFORD Jackson Co. 112 -
      1809 H3-13

      Subject: Thomas Bradford
      Date: Thu, 17 Dec 1998 19:45:16 -0500
      From: (Betty J Carson)

      I agree with you that the Thomas Bradford who sent to GA ca 1808 is
      probably the one who got Bradford Springs 30 Oct 1769 in the 400 acres.
      It does not mention anything about being able to read or write and there
      is no provision for his signature on the land grant. I will see if I can
      find where he deeded to son Nathaniel but usually all land passed to the
      oldest son upon death of the father without any record of it.
      Nathaniel Bradford got the Bradford Springs next. He died in 1807.
      Will recorded Sep 28th, 1807 in Sumter District. He names wife
      Elizabeth; children: Nathaniel, John, Richard, daughter Mary Drake;
      daughter Sarah Rheams.

      Thomas also got land grants for:
      150 acres 26 Mar 1767
      200 acres 22 Sep 1772
      100 acres 11 Apr 1773

    Person ID I5450  Bradford
    Last Modified 7 Aug 2016 

    Father Thomas Bradford,   b. 1699, Charles City Co, VA Find all individuals with events at this location,   d. Bef Nov 1762, Northampton Co., NC Find all individuals with events at this location  (Age < 63 years) 
    Relationship natural 
    Mother Elizabeth Smith,   b. 1699, Charles City, VA Find all individuals with events at this location,   d. Aft 18 Feb 1738/39, Edgecombe, NC Find all individuals with events at this location  (Age > 40 years) 
    Relationship natural 
    Married Aft 8 Dec 1728  Bertie District, NC Find all individuals with events at this location  [1
    Family ID F0059  Group Sheet  |  Family Chart

    Family Mary Catherine George,   b. Abt 1739,   d. 15 Oct 1840, Hancock Co., GA Find all individuals with events at this location  (Age ~ 101 years) 
    Married Abt 1755  CHARLES CITY, VA. Find all individuals with events at this location 
     1. Rebeccah Bradford,   d. Bef Jun 1811  [natural]
     2. Polly Bradford,   d. UNKNOWN  [natural]
     3. Nathaniel Bradford,   d. 3 Aug 1807  [natural]
     4. Sarah Bradford,   d. 1762  [natural]
     5. John Bradford,   b. Abt 1755, VA Find all individuals with events at this location,   d. 18 Dec 1821, GA Find all individuals with events at this location  (Age ~ 66 years)  [natural]
     6. Thomas Bradford,   b. Abt 1757, SC Find all individuals with events at this location,   d. 15 Mar 1830, Clark Co, AL Find all individuals with events at this location  (Age ~ 73 years)  [natural]
     7. Mary Bradford,   b. 1769,   d. Abt 1854  (Age 85 years)  [natural]
     8. Lena Bradford,   b. Bef 1785,   d. Bef 1830, Hancock Co., Ga? Find all individuals with events at this location  (Age < 45 years)  [natural]
     9. Timothy Bradford,   b. Between 1790 and 1794,   d. UNKNOWN  [natural]
    Last Modified 7 Aug 2016 
    Family ID F0196  Group Sheet  |  Family Chart

  • Sources 
    1. Sandlund II because the wedding would have taken place after Thomas convayed his land in Charles City Co, Va and before sep 3 1737 when the couple convayed land in Surrey Co see page 7 SandlundII.

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