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Long Island Genealogy was created in 1992 to provide a platform enabling Long Island family history researchers to share, exchange and connect with fellow researchers anywhere in the world.  These files are constantly evolving as information becomes available. As such it is essential to keep an open dialogue. I encourage you to contact me through the "ADDITIONS or CORRECTIONS" link on any individual or family page if you have something you can add or correct. Contacting us in this way rather then the general email allows us to pin point exactly the family or person you are asking about.
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FAQs on our Database 

Link to Site  Search  This SEARCH function will search all databases we currently have. If you get a result listing the same individual multiple times that simply means we have him in multiple "trees." Check out each result as the information may be more complete in one "tree" then another.  If you see an individual in a database named by his Surname then that would be the "Main" database for that individual.  RE Thomas Ryder would be most complete in the "Ryder" database.

UPDATE January 2016 - concerning the future of Long Island Genealogy
     Because of the generosity of  our users we have been able to keep these resources safe and accessible through early March 2016.  In order to extend that time we need your continued support.  Please help us keep these records accessible.

Unfortunately I can no longer support this site by myself.  It's become a huge part of my life as well as a valued resource to many family history researchers.  Unfortunately I'm facing the very real possibility of having to shut it down which will wipe the resource from the internet.  Hopefully I will be able to keep it public and free. If not, but there proves to be enough interest, I'll convert it to a subscription service available for fee. If that happens I will do my best to make it affordable at $100 per year or $10 per month.

     This turn of events is unfortunate. We’re a self supporting community resource site with the expenses of a top website: servers, programs, equipment, research etc that has been struggling for years to maintain a web presence. We believe Long Island Genealogy is something special. It's your family history library, updated and maintained by a small group of volunteers with a passion for Long Island's family history.  If our information has been helpful and you would like to help keep it online, please help by making a donation.   Donations can be made either by mail or online by using this Link - Or through the Donate button on the left.

Thank you again for your continued support, and we look forward to continuing our research together in 2016!

TWO New MEGA Long Island Resource CDs & DVDs - also available on a thumb drive or as a Dropbox transfer within hours
1.  MEGA Surname Research Text Library on DVD or Flash Drive - over 70 Surname Research libraries on one DVD, NEARLY 300 different Text!! Families covered on the DVD - Adams, Baker, Brewster, Burr, Carpenter, Corwin, Darling, Denton, Doty, Field, Floyd, Foster, Gardiner, Greene, Haight, Hallock, Halsey, Hammond, Hart, Havens, Hildreth, Horton, Howe, Howell, Jarvis, Jones, Kissam, Knapp, L'Hommedieu, Mather, Mott, Nichol, Norton, Parshall, Payne, Pearsall, Prime, Randolph, Raynor, Reese, Reeve, Robinson, Roe, Rogers, Roosevelt, Scott, Seaman, Seversmith, Skidmore, Smith, Sprague, Stillwell, Strong, Suydam, Swasey, Terry, Thompson, Tooker, Townsend, Treadwell, Vail, Vanderbilt, Van Voorhees, Verity, Webb, Weekes, Wells, West, Whitman, Williams, Woodhull, Woolsey, Wright, Young. For a complete list of all the text on this DVD Follow this link.

2. "Long Island Genealogy" Surname Database CDs are currently available for over 100 Long Island Family Surnames, (one Surname File per CD) - Due to popular request we have decided to make our individual databases available on CD. Each CD will concentrate on one surname.  For example:  The Hallock Surname database will concentrate on descendants of the Hallock line.  The Thurston Raynor, Ketcham etc will do the same.  If you are familiar with using the site you will find the CD set up in a similar manner.  Due to the CD format some of the menus will be different but all of the information will be there.  If you have any questions please ask before you order to diminish the risk of disappointment.  For a complete list of what Surname files are available please follow this link 

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